The Midnight Library


Title: Midnight Library

Author: Matt Hague

Translator: Mohammad Saleh Nouranizadeh

Publisher: Backpack

Subject: English stories

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 352

Language: Farsi

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Introducing the book The Midnight Library by Matt Hague
In The Midnight Library, Matt Hague tells the story of a girl who struggles with many problems, but changes her outlook on life as she enters a magical library. This shocking and best-selling novel won the Goodreads Award in 2020 from the point of view of the audience and speaks about the impact of small and large choices in our lives.

About the Midnight Library Book:
What choices would you make if you had the opportunity to make up for your past?

The truth is that we can never be all that our heart desires; We can not live all the lives we love and we can never learn all the skills we love. But we can get this enjoyable experience by reading the novel.
Somewhere between life and death, there are endless libraries in which the true story of each person is reflected. Imagine you had the right to choose a life in this library, what did you do and what did you change in your current life? By changing them, were you still the same person? Nora Seyed, the main character in the story of The Midnight Library, is in search of her real life, and by entering this library, her view of all the fundamental aspects of life changes …

Midnight Library Book Honors:
– Listed in the New York Times bestseller list
– Winner of the Goodreads Award for Audience Selection 2020
Midnight Library Book Excerpts:
– A book to read that changes your mood! (Washington Post)
– A beautiful legend; It’s an amazing story for the modern age. (Judy Piccott)
– Extremely fascinating novel! In today’s chaotic world, this is the book we need. (New York Times)
Who is recommended to read the Midnight Library book?
If you are thirsty to experience more than one story and you want to get acquainted with all aspects of different people’s lives, this novel is written for you!

Learn more about Matt Haig:
British journalist and writer Matt Haig was born in July 1975 in Sheffield. At the age of 24, he suffered from severe depression, which was monitored by a doctor for many years, and he was finally able to overcome his illness.

Matt talks about how he copes with the disease in this book. He is the author of highlights such as “How to Stop Time?” And “Humans” is one of the most successful and best-selling writers in the New York Times and Amazon.

Learn more about Matt Haig:
British journalist and writer Matt Haig was born in July 1975 in Sheffield. At the age of 24, he suffered from severe depression, which was monitored by a doctor for many years, and he was finally able to overcome his illness.

Matt talks about how he copes with the disease in this book. He is the author of highlights such as “How to Stop Time?” And “Humans” is one of the most successful and best-selling writers in the New York Times and Amazon.

In a section of the Midnight Library book, we read:
Every life he has experienced since coming to the library was in fact a different personal dream. The first life he got married and had a pub was Dan’s dream. A trip to Australia was Easy’s dream, and Nora’s regret about not going was more to her best friend than to herself.

The dream of a swimming hero belonged to his father. Yes, it was true that as a child he was interested in the North Pole and wanted to become a refrigerator expert, but that decision was largely made up of his conversations with Ms. Elm herself in the school library. Labyrinth, well, that was his brother’s dream from the beginning.

There may not have been a perfect life for him, but surely there was a place in life worth experiencing. Nora also realized that if she wanted to find that life, she had to broaden her search.
Ms. Elm was right. The game was not over yet. No player should give up as long as he has a piece on the screen.

He straightened his back and stood flatter.

“You have to choose more lives from the top and bottom shelves. So far, you have tried to make up for your most obvious regrets. Top and bottom bookshelves of different lives. Lives that exist, but you never imagined or wanted them, you never even thought about them. “There are lives you can experience but have never dreamed of.”

“You mean there are sad lives?”

Index of the book
Conversation about rain
Nineteen years later
The man behind the door
String theory
Life means hardship
the doors
How to be a black hole
Midnight Library
Moving floors
Book of regrets
The heavy weight of regret
All lives begin now
Three horseshoes
The last one note ‌ that Nora wrote before she got caught between life and death
The only way to learn is to live
Tung fish
The last remaining note written by Nora before she was caught between life and death
successful life
Mint tea
The tree of our life
System error
Hugo Lefebvre
Spin around
Critical moment in the middle of nowhere
The frustration of not having a library when you really need one
The soil is frozen
One night in Longyearbyen
Life and death and the quantum wave function
If something happens to me, I would love to be there myself
God and other librarians
the fame
Wild and free
Ryan Bailey
A silver tray full of honey cake
Revealer podcast
Love and Suffering

Another personal dream
A quiet life
When this world has dogs, why ask for another world?
Dinner with Dylan
The house at the end of the road
Vineyard Buena Vista
Numerous lives of Nora Seyed
Lost in the library
A pearl in the heart of an oyster
Ideal life
Spiritual search for a deeper connection with the world

Nowhere but here
Dealing with the police
A new look at everything
Flowers have water
There is no place to stay
You have no right to be disappointed, Nora Seyed!
wake up
Beyond despair
What I learned (by the fact that there is no one, but everyone has been)
Living versus understanding
As it ends
About the Midnight Library Book
What if you had the chance to go to the library in the middle of the night and see for yourself all your other lives? Could each of these lives be better than your current life?

With such a question, Nora goes to a mysterious library to find out what her life story would be like if she made another choice somewhere in her life. He has lived a life full of misery and regret, but this library provides an opportunity for him to improve his situation. He has the choice to change his current life with a new one.

Have a new career path, rebuild his broken relationships and pursue his childhood dreams. On this journey to the heart of the midnight library, he must look inside himself and find what really gives meaning and value to his life. A library with lots of books, each telling the story of a life.
By reading this novel, you will be kind of enchanted to escape to another world. With his story, the author emphasizes the important point that we should not ignore the effects that others have on our lives. Everything in life is important, even if it is very small and insignificant. We must always think and analyze every moment of our lives and consider all our feelings so as not to hinder our happiness.

This work has a collection of life messages in the form of an interesting story plan for the reader.

Who do we recommend reading the Midnight Library book?
Fans of fiction will enjoy reading this book.

Part of the Midnight Library book
The floors of the book began to move on both sides of Nora. Their angles did not change. They just slipped horizontally and moved. It was also possible that the classes did not move at all, and that it was the books that moved. It was not at all clear why or even how. No tools were found to do this. There was no sound, and the books did not fall from the bottom or the beginning of the floors. The books slid at different speeds depending on which floor they were on, but none of them moved very fast.

“What is happening?”

Ms. Elm’s face fell apart. He straightened up, put his chin in, took a step toward Nora, and clenched his arms. “It’s time to start, baby.”

“If it’s okay, let me ask this.” “What should I start with?”
“Every life involves millions of decisions. Some of these decisions are big and some are small. But every time a decision is made, the result changes. An irreversible change that in turn causes other changes. “These books are a window into all the lives you could experience.”


“The number of lives you can have is as likely as you have in your lifetime. In some lives you make different choices and those choices produce different results. If you just did something different, your life story would be different. All those lives are in the midnight library. “They are all just like real life.”

“You mean parallel lives?”
“not always. Some of them are more … intersecting. So, would you like to experience a life that you could have? Would you like to do something different? Is there anything you want to change? “Did he do something wrong?”

The answer was easy. “Yeah. everything.”

This answer seemed to make the librarian’s nose tickle.

Ms. Elm quickly put her hand in the sleeve of her ski collar to pull out her tissue. He immediately put it in front of his face and sneezed inside.

“Goodbye,” Nora said. And he saw how, as soon as the librarian finished using the handkerchief, a strange magic disappeared from his hands.
“do not worry. Napkins are like life. “There are always a lot of them.” Ms. Elm returned to her words. “Doing just one thing in a different way is usually like doing everything differently. No matter how hard we try, we can not change the things we did in life … but you are no longer in life. You came out. “You have the opportunity to see how everything could go.”

Nora said in her heart: It is not possible for these to be real.

Ms. Elm apparently knew what he was thinking.

“But the truth is, Nora Seyed. However, that is not the reality you understand. The best condition that can be described is the middle. Neither life nor death. It is not the real life you think it is, but it is not a dream. Neither this nor that. “Very briefly, the midnight library.”
Classes that used to move slowly stopped. Nora noticed that one of the floors on her right had a large empty space at shoulder height. All the other sections of the floors were full and shoulder-to-shoulder full of books, but there was only one book on the back on the thin white floor.

Unlike other books, it was not green, but gray. Just as gray as when Nora first saw the building beyond the fog, the gray stone walls came to mind …

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