The Life Before Us


Title: Life Ahead

Author: Roman Gary

Translator: Lily Golestan

Publisher: Third

Subject: French story

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 232 p

Language: Farsi

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The Life Before Us is a profound, fascinating, and very popular novel. We see that there is a world of life ahead of us, whether we like it or not, yet it is only by accepting its existence that we will be empowered to see it. This book is translated by Lily Golestan and published by Sales Publications.

Life Ahead is a profound, fascinating and very popular novel. He talks about the slum and its houses, but his narration and view is not a cliché, and maybe for the first time we get to know and see such a neighborhood and a house in a different way.
“Life Ahead” is a profound, fascinating, and very popular novel. He speaks of a slum and such houses. But the narrative and its view are not stereotypes, and perhaps for the first time we will get to know and see such a neighborhood and house in a different way. There is a world of life ahead, whether we like it or not. “It is only by acknowledging its existence that we will find the strength to see it.”

About the author of the book Life Ahead:
Roman Garry was born on May 8, 1914, in the city of Vilnius, Lithuania. He grew up in France, studied law at university, and eventually trained as a pilot in the French Air Force. Gary joined the “French Free Forces” in World War II. The margins, ups and downs, and bizarre events of Roman Garry’s personal life have always been controversial and interesting to literary lovers. One of Gary’s most important books is Gary Cooper Farewell and Life Ahead. He has also been behind the camera several times as a cinema director.

Roman Gary childhood
Roman Gary, originally named Roman Katsev, was born into a Jewish family. His mother was Lithuanian and his father Russian. Roman’s father left him and his mother when Roman was a child to remarry. Roman Garry immigrated to France with his mother, Nina Borisovskaya, in 1927 when Roman was 14 years old. Roman Gary has been interested in literature and writing since childhood. His mother also encouraged him in this direction and tried to cultivate his son’s talent in sports and art.

Roman Gary Education
Roman Gary chose law at university; But later he learned to pilot at an air base and was drafted into the French Air Force.

World Wars and Honors
In World War II when the Nazis occupied France. Roman Gary went to England and later joined the “French Free Forces” and fought in Europe and North Africa. Roman Gary served as a pilot in the French Resistance Army. With his bravery and courage in the face of Nazi Germany, he received the Order of the Donner Legion from General de Gaulle.

Start writing up to two awards
After the war was over and almost everything was in a strange and complicated state. Roman entered politics with a law degree and a diploma in Slavic languages. He worked as a diplomat in several cities. He even served for a time on the French delegation to the United Nations, first in New York and then in London.

He was tired from work and busy. He decided to rest for a while and quit his job. It was in 1956 that Roman Gary wrote his first novel, The Roots of Heaven. The book won the Prix des Goncourt. Roman Gary is the only author to have won the award twice. Received it a second time for the novel Life Ahead. This award is given to each author only once. Gary had written the book under a pseudonym, so he was able to receive it twice.

Why did Roman Gary experiment with writing under so many names?
Roman Gary is one of the most successful writers in the world, whose works have been very well received. His works have been successful in Iran and have been reprinted and translated many times. During his artistic career, Gary wrote 21 novels under his real name, one under the pseudonym Fusco Sini Baldi, and four under the pseudonym Emile Ajard.

Some believe that Roman Gary used a pseudonym because he had low self-esteem. Because he was not sure about the success of his book, and if a good book does not come out of the water, the reputation he had gained from previous novels will be damaged. Some call him a liar for committing such an act.

Gary wrote another story late in life. Although the story was published after his death, Gary left a note on the back of the book entitled “The Life and Death of Emile Azhar.” In this memo, he confessed everything about the nickname of Emil Azhar, who was, for example, a young writer.
Somayeh Norouzi, a translator, wrote about Roman Gari: “The book of Emil Azar’s life and death is full of sayings that confirm Roman Gari’s desire to continue living with youthful vigor:” I was tired of being just myself. ” The author emphasizes that he can no longer bear the image of Roman Garry clinging to him with both hands, because despite the fame he has gained for himself, he is no longer able to write whatever he wants with complete freedom: he was born again. “I had started again.”

Roman Gary Marriage
Roman Gary married twice. He divorced his first wife in 1963, English writer Leslie Blanche. He later met and married actress Jane Cyber. They lived together for 7 years. The result of this life together was a boy named Diego. Roman Gary also wrote the screenplay for “Longest Day” and the screenplay for “Kill,” directed by his second wife.

Roman Gary’s works
Roman Gary’s works include “European upbringing”, “Fake”, “Roots of the sky”, “Lady L.”, “Dance of Genghis Khan”, “White dog”, “Situation in the heights of Kilimanjaro”, “Mead at dawn” “Death and a Few Other Stories,” “Birds Go to Die in Peru,” “Kites,” “Tulip,” and “A Man with a Pigeon.” The book A Man with a Pigeon has been translated by Lily Golestan in Iran.

Death of Roman Gary
Roman Gary was shot dead in 1980 after the death of his wife at the age of sixty-three. Before his death, Gary left a note in which he wrote: “It was not because of my wife. “I had nothing to do anymore … I really enjoyed it, thank you and goodbye!”

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