The Horse Dancer


Title: Dancing Horse

Author: Jojo Moyes

Translator: Simin Tajdini

Publisher: Atisa

Topic: English story, dancing with a horse

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 520 p

Language Farsi

Categories: ,


The Horse Dancer is a novel by Jojo Moyes, first published in 2009. After Sarah’s grandfather presents her with a beautiful horse named “Bo”, Sarah quietly rides in the parks and alleys of the city. But it doesn’t take long for her grandfather to get sick, and now Sarah has to split her time between horseback riding, school, and visiting her grandfather in the hospital.

A young lawyer named Natasha is struggling with problems after the failure of her marriage: her views and abilities at work are questioned, her new fiancé does not look very promising, and he is forced to move house with his wife. Ex-partner. However, when fourteen-year-old Sarah enters her life, Natasha decides to help this determined and determined girl. But Sarah has a secret in her heart; A secret that will change the lives of everyone involved forever.
In a corner of London, Henry LaShappel, who trained in an elite equestrian school in France fifty years ago, teaches his grandson and his horse how to overcome gravity and perform dramatic movements. Then problems arise and 14-year-old Sarah is forced to work alone.

Born on August 4, 1969 in London, England, Jojo Moyes is an English journalist who has been writing romance novels since 2002. He is one of only a handful of authors to have twice won the Romantic Novel of the Year Award by the Romantic Novelists Association, and his work has been translated into eleven different languages.

The Dancing Horse by Jojo Moyes is a fascinating story about an old man who, at a young age, trained professionally as a rider and now wants to pass on his personal experiences to his grandson. The grandfather teaches him how to overcome the force of gravity with a horse and perform fascinating and astonishing dramatic movements.
Jojo Moyes wrote the fascinating and brilliant novel The Horse Dancer after the successful trilogy “I Am Before You”, “After You” and “Still Me”, which, like his other books, sold It was high and found many fans.

If you have never read a novel by Jojo Moyes, this novel may be strange to you. The narrative focus of this book is psychological and its main theme is about horses. After reading this book, you may find a special interest in horses, and you may also want to know more about horses and their world. From the beginning, prepare yourself to find out how a horse can fall in love with a human.
In this book, Jojo Moyes, like the girl you left behind, talks about trials and legal and criminal problems, problems that may occur in the quietest and simplest lives. These characteristics are due to the fact that the author has worked as a journalist for many years and has faced various lives and various troubles.

This extraordinary and popular novel tells the story of a 14-year-old girl named Sarah who falls in love with her life, her first and fiery love is her smart and loyal horse named “Bo” and her second love is her kind and genius grandfather in equestrian named “Henry”. Is.

Henry received special training as a teenager and in an elite equestrian school, and is now coaching his granddaughter, Sarah. But after a while, this field of education breaks down between grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and 14-year-old Sarah is forced to continue working alone.
Dance Horse Book Excerpts:
– Inspirational romance. (Daily Mail)

– An incredibly original story that is mesmerizing from the very first page. (Daily Express)

– A novel about the enduring power of friendship, and how even the smallest decisions can change everything. (Goodreads)

About the author:
Jojo Moyes, originally named Pauline Sarah Joe Moyes, a journalist and writer, was born in 1969 in London. He first worked as a journalist and began writing novels in 2002 with The Sheltering Rain. Moyes is one of the few authors to have twice won the Romance Novel of the Year Award for his books “Foreign Fruit” and “The Last Letter from His Beloved” by the Romance Novel Writers Association. Contemporary Romanticism.

Moyes won a scholarship from The Independent in 1992 to pursue a master’s degree in journalism at City University in London. He then held various positions at The Independent for ten years, becoming assistant news editor in 1998 and head of the arts and media department in 2002. He still writes for the Daily Telegraph. His other works include the trilogy “I Before You”, “After You”, “Still Me” and “Peacock Shopping Center”, “Dancing Horse”, “The Girl You Left Behind”, “One Plus One” And … he pointed out.

Even people with information about horses and horseback riding rarely heard the name “Le Kader Bar”. Founded in the 1700s, it was a special institute of properties, the elite French riders were members, and it was still governed by the customs and traditions of its founders. At Le Cadre Bar, during the millennial horse-jumping maneuvers with the legs folded or raised on two bent hind legs, the discussions revolved around the exact angle of the horse’s hind legs, and the riders wore the old-fashioned black uniform.

Dancing Horse is a novel that introduces you to the mood of horses. You can imagine a world next to horses that may not be very accessible to us and our city life. But I have to say that, in fact, the story we are reading tells a contemporary story.

Excerpts from The Dancing Horse:
Sarah has two loves in her life. His first love is his clever and loyal horse “Bo” and his second love is his grandfather Henry.

Henry, a seventy-year-old sick man, worked on and trained horses many years ago. But at an early age, a lover who can get his head out of England:

– It must have been hard for him to give up horseback riding, to leave France, all his life.

– He was in love.

Sarah’s tone came to Natasha almost reproachful. Was it really that simple? If a person is madly in love with someone, the other living environment becomes insignificant to him, his efforts and successes in the past become worthless? It was obvious that the horse was the old man’s love, a love that had not disappeared despite his voluntary exile. But how did he come to terms with what he lost?

But Natasha, a proud woman whose main concern in life is her job and her reputation, is struggling to separate from her husband, Mac. An attractive man who attracts the attention of every woman. An issue that keeps Natasha away from her. Natasha thinks she has never understood true love, and for years it was just a rhetoric of this man. Natasha and Mac live together and are in the final stages of divorce.
Sarah, who lived alone with her grandfather and her horse “Bo”, is forced to live a broken life for a while.

It may seem easy at first. But the conflicts and differences between them are just rising. Sarah, Natasha’s adopted child, and Mac inadvertently improve their relationship. A 14-year-old girl who, with her intense love for her horse, causes them common troubles. Does not have. Sarah went on a long and dangerous journey with a teenage girl on her horse, without even informing anyone about it.
Mac’s heart was pounding in his chest annoyingly. Natasha sat as far away from the Mac as the small car would allow, as if she were contaminated with radioactive material and would prefer it anywhere. John asked:

-You sweet kids can you declare a ceasefire? Just until we found it? thank you

They sat in silence, and Mac drove eastward, his jaws clenched tightly.

Natasha said softly:

– In my opinion, it’s over.

Then he reached out and picked up the city guide’s torn notebook.

-Let’s go, where are we going?

John Chickpea laughed and said:

– An account will like our work.

“Staring forward,” said Mac.


He threw Natasha’s passport on her knee and continued:

– He is going to France.

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