The godfather


Title: Godfather

Author: Mario Pozzo

Translator: Nashim Heydari

Publisher: Aso

Subject: American stories – 20th century

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 472

Language: Farsi



The Godfather is written by Mario Pozzo about the power struggle between five mafia families in the bustling New York City after World War II.

After Donovito Corleone is injured, his children Michael and Sonny seek revenge on their father. Virgil Solozo, a heroin trafficker, shot the great Don Corleone.

The two brothers now have to run their family business with the help of a man named Tom Hagen and other high-ranking Mafia members.

Hostilities and clashes spread throughout the city after Michael, Solozo and a police officer were killed.
As a result of these clashes, one of the children named “Sunny” was killed and “Michael” became the head of their family mafia gang.

After retiring, Vito Corleone decides to rebuild their family power by moving to Las Vegas. To do this, he decides to kill all the rival gangs.

She even throws her sister’s husband out of the way because she was involved in her brother’s murder, and after revenge, she sells all her property and moves to New York …
Inspired by the reality of the story, Mario Puzo narrates the life of one of the largest mafia gangs in The Godfather.

The book begins with a familiar sentence from Balzac at the beginning of the book:
“Behind all wealth is crime.” The author himself is of Sicilian descent and in most of his works he criticizes American society and history.

The Godfather is a strange tale of a fusion of tradition and modernity. This enduring work was published worldwide in 1969 and is still one of the best-selling books in American history today.

A book whose prose and eloquent story have attracted the attention of many audiences and even great writers.

About Godfather Movies
Due to the fame and popularity of the book “The Godfather” in the world, the film company “Paramount” bought the rights to the movie version.

Pozzo also wrote the screenplay for The Godfather Trilogy. All three films were directed by Frances Ford Coppola and were released in 1972, 1974 and 1996, respectively.

The success of The Godfather’s films was as impressive as the book. The author of the book won the Academy Award for Best Screenplay for The Godfathers 1 and 2, and Coppola won the Academy Award for Best Director.

Marlon Brando also won the Academy Award for Best Actor for his role as Vito Corleone. Other prominent actors in the film include Al Pacino as Michael and Robert De Niro as Vito Corleone.
“The Godfather” was made with a limited budget of $ 6 million but managed to reach global sales of $ 270 million.

The story of the film takes place between 1945 and 1955. The story of the film is longer than the book and many parts of the script have been added to the book, part of which has been added with Coppola’s opinion.

Although all three parts of the film are very popular, Coppola regretted making the second and third parts of the film, and considers his first film a masterpiece.

The Godfather movie collection is among the best movies in the history of cinema on IMDB.

About the author of The Godfather: Mario Pozzo
Mario Pozzo is an American screenwriter and writer born in 1920. He rose to fame by writing crime novels about the lives of Italian-American mafia gangs.

In addition to writing crime novels, Pozzo is also a prolific screenwriter and has won two Academy Awards for The Godfather 1 and 2.

Pozzo was originally from New York, Italy, and many of his books are based on his life story and encounters with powerful Italian-American families.

The Godfather is one of the most best-selling novels in American history, having topped the best-selling novels when it was published in 1969 with 21 million copies for 69 weeks.

Mario Pozzo was born on October 15, 1920, in western Manhattan, in the most famous neighborhood of the Mafia and known as the Hell’s Kitchen and Higher Crime University, to a Sicilian family of Italian-Neapolitan descent.
Mario’s father soon left the family for a psychiatric hospital, and 12-year-old Mario and his family of six were left in the impoverished and violent Manhattan community. He claims to have had no contact with any members of the Cossanestra or the New York Mafia, despite his association with a number of young criminals.

For the rest of his life, he emphasized this and said that all his writings were only his mental perception of distant people, but many critics believe that he could not have given such a deep and realistic picture of them without seeing and communicating with the Mafia.

At the age of 21, Mario joined the army and was sent to France, where he became known for his bureaucratic work on the battlefield, but without a single shot fired, he was honored to receive five Bold Operations Badges for his presence on the rainy front.
There he met and married a German girl named Erica and had five children.

After the war, he received a monthly stipend from war veterans and was employed by the government and worked on the New York City Railroad.

He received a degree in literature and storytelling from Columbia University in New York.

His first works of fiction in 1953 and 1954, entitled The Happy Pilgrim and The Dark Scene (Eddie Cassin fell in love), did not receive much attention from critics, despite positive reviews.
He quit his job at the railroad in 1964 to write full-time, which led to the writing of The Godfather.

The main source of the effect of the Senate minutes on the Cusanostra Bari was inspired by the roots of its own Neapolitan Sicilian culture and its childhood and youth experiences in Manhattan.

He submitted the novel to nine small publications, but no one accepted it, so he submitted it to the large Putnam publishing house.

The answer was surprising: a massive book release with a $ 5,000 advance and a $ 12,500 Paramount advance for the movie rights. Pozzo suddenly became famous and rich.
Of course, the book also had opponents who organized Pozzo to describe the Mafia in a biased and epic way, and to try to present a humane image of a number of tyrants.

Pozzo wrote three other novels, but none of them found the godfather’s fame and success.

Pozzo also starred in nine screenplays, including the screenplay for Coppola’s three godfather films. His screenplays include Earthquake, Superman 1 and 2, and Cotton Club.
Pozzo received an Academy Award for his screenplay for the first two films of The Godfather. Finally, on July 1, 1999, he is the author of the fascinating and beautiful drama about the life and activities of an Italian immigrant named Vito Andolini, who comes to the United States after his father dies in a Sicilian fight to escape being killed.

He is slowly becoming a well-known businessman and gangster in the underground world of the American Mafia. The novel tells the story of him and his family members.

It tells the story of the demise of star Iqbal Vito and the resurrection of his son Michael from his father’s ashes in a passionate and slightly laudatory tone.
Because the novel is epic and heroic, it inevitably pays homage to the characters of its main protagonists, Vito and Michael.

The novel is narrated in the form of a omniscient person who turns the characters between the characters when necessary. does not have.

The godfather, on the other hand, in the absence of a judiciary that administers real justice, has become a refuge and support for people affected by ridiculous social justice, so that even on the day of his daughter’s wedding, he is reaching out to the people for litigation.
The Godfather novel has a strong and powerful presence among the immortals of literature in the list of almost all literary critics.

Excerpt from The Godfather
Amerigo Bonasra is awaiting justice in New York’s No. 3 Criminal Court, awaiting revenge for the men who brutally harmed her daughter for trying to rape her.

The judge, a stocky man, fluttered the sleeves of his black robe, as if trying to fall in love with two young men standing behind a bench; His face was cold with hatred and power. There was nothing wrong with that. Amerigo Bonasra could feel it, but did not know what it was.

The judge said sharply: You behaved like the worst criminals.
“Of course, of course, like animals, animals,” said Amerigo Bonasra to himself.

The two young men, with their newly shaved faces and shiny hair, became embarrassed and lowered their heads in disgrace.

The judge continued: “You behaved like wild animals and you were lucky that you did not rape that poor girl, otherwise I would have sentenced you to twenty years in prison.”

The judge paused. Cleverly, he fixed his eyes on Amerigo Bonasra, whose face was disheveled, behind his thick brown eyebrows, and then lowered them to the report folder in front of him.
He frowned and shrugged, as if satisfied with his natural desire.
“But because of your youth, your lack of experience, your good families, and the fact that the law does not seek revenge, I sentence you to three years in suspended prison,” he said.
This was the only forty-year experience of Amerigo Bonasra in holding a professional mourning that prevented anger and hatred from appearing on his face.

Her beautiful young daughter was still in the hospital, with a broken jaw held by a wire.

Are these two animals free now? It was all a game.

He watched the happy parents hugging their beloved children. Oh, they were all happy and smiling…

Hatred filled Bonasra’s throat.
He gritted his teeth. He picked up his white handkerchief and placed it on his lips. This was the case when the two young men passed comfortably behind him.

They passed with confidence and carefree, smiling women without even looking at her.

Without saying a word, he let them pass and squeezed a new white handkerchief over his mouth.

Now the parents of those animals came. Two men and two women his own age, but with a more American appearance.

They looked at him with embarrassment, but there was something strange in their eyes, a sense of victory!
Bonasra finally lost control. He leaned over to them and shouted in a broken voice: You will cry as I cried.

I make you cry just like your children made me cry.

The handkerchief was now on his eyes. The lawyers pushed their clients forward like a small entwined group: two young men surrounded them, as if staring back to take care of their parents, when a large officer hurried forward and blocked the exit of the Bonasra row, though There was no need.

Throughout his life in the United States, Amerigo Bonasra believed in law and order, and this did not work in his favor.
Although his mind was filled with hatred and the dream of buying a gun and killing the two young men, and the thought of it penetrating his skull, Boffoff still confused his wife and explained: They made fun of us.

The woman paused and then, without fear of replying, said, “We must kneel before Don Corleone to do justice.”

The Godfather is America’s only masterpiece and bloody novel about the Corleone mafia family. The book culminates in a request that Khan Corleone’s humanity did not allow him to accept.

The heat of the story is ignited by Khan Corleone not agreeing to cooperate with other families for this business ….
The story of this novel is so complex and overwhelming that it nails the reader, and if a reader is a skilled reader, he will finish this great book in 3-4 days.

In 1972, Francis Ford Coppola and Mario Pozzo decided to adapt the book. Coppola, based on the novel The Godfather, is the most acclaimed film in the history of cinema, a new event in American culture and cinema.

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