The Gadfly


Title: The Gadfly

Author: Ethel Lillian Vinich

Translator: Mehdi Afshar

Language: Farsi

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Introducing the book The Gadfly by Ethel Willian Vinich
The Gadfly is a political and philosophical story about a young revolutionary Catholic that you will not regret reading. Khorramges is Lillian Vinich’s most famous book, which has been translated into more than 20 languages, including Japanese, German, Dutch, and French, and speaks of freedom, frustration, and love.

About The Gadfly book:
The story takes place in the 1840s in Italy. Ethel Lilian Voynich well captures the atmosphere of Italy, which was then dominated by Austria. This amazing novel is a multi-layered story of legendary ideological developments, faith and courage. The Gadfly revolves around a young Englishman named Arthur Burton. Like a skilled director, Vinich portrays Arthur’s life, and in this work we see him transform from a sensitive innocent young man to a disillusioned revolutionary hero. A memorable man who has a crisis in his faith and eventually becomes the famous Khormags.

Arthur is a philosophy student who traveled to Italy to study church. He established a close master-student relationship with Montalie’s father and was taught to become a priest by him. After Montalie’s father was promoted and replaced by another priest in the church, his life changed. The new priest, who is a spy, reveals his confession. Arthur is a member of the Young Italy organization, an organization that aims to oust the Austrian army with the help of the people, and the priest’s profession causes him and other members of the organization to be imprisoned. This and several other events that follow for Arthur cause him great frustration and he finally decides to fake his death. He returned to Italy 13 years later under the name of The Gadfly.
The Gadfly is an ordinary human being. With a flaw, a weakness, a hidden love, and a heavy burden of pain; As human nature requires. After all, Arthur is bigger than life. A powerful, humanistic and outspoken opponent of the current political situation, who advocates for the freedom of the people. His words, with the truth that lies within them, destroy his enemies.

This book was first published in 1897. So far, many adaptations of this work have been made, among which we can mention George Bernard Shaw’s play called Khormags and the book Evad by a group of Russian writers. Also, the films of Crazana, Newman, Ovd and Rivars are among the films that have been made based on this work. In this story, the author expresses his philosophical, political concepts and libertarian ideals in eloquent, attractive and humorous language. Although Khormags is known as a political book, one cannot ignore its emotional and romantic aspects.

Who is the book The Gadfly suitable for?
The study of Lillian Vinich’s best work is recommended to all fans of foreign fiction, especially lovers of classical literature and emotional and political fiction.

Ethel Lillian Vinich was born in 1864 into a well-known family in England. His father was a professor of mathematics, and his mother wrote articles on social issues. His mother’s uncle, George Everest, was a famous geographer, and the highest peak in the Himalayan range is named Everest.

Ethel lost her father at the age of one and a half, and was raised by the efforts of a mother who, in addition to teaching mathematics, raised her children. After elementary school, Atel left for Germany at the age of eighteen to continue his education. There he studied music, philosophy, literature and linguistics. Vinich was fascinated by research in world literature, and the works of Shakespeare and Dickens found their way into his life. After three years of study in Berlin, he graduated with a degree in piano.

After graduating, he turned his attention to social issues, and the struggle of human beings for freedom aroused great enthusiasm in him. From then on, the poems of Walt Whitman, an American poet, were spoken:

“O freedom! Let others not believe in you, but I will remain faithful to you until the last moment! ”

And so it was that in 1887 he traveled to Russia, where he studied extensively in Russian literature and language. The gift of this trip and subsequent studies was the translation into English of several works by Russian writers. On her return home, she married Mikhail Vinic, a Polish revolutionary who had fled to England. In 1893 he translated several Russian books, including those of Kashin, Gogol, Dostoevsky, Shchedrin, Ospensky, and a group of other Russian writers, until in 1897, at the age of 33, the first Vinich entered the world of authorship. And this work soon became known as a unique book in the press.
In this book, he portrays the real face of human beings who are waging a wide-ranging struggle for their freedom, independence and social rights, and in this way they are not afraid of death. In fact, the novel deals with the activities of the Young Italy organization during the 1930s and 1940s, and focuses more on the personality aspects of the hero, who is a revolutionary, than on popular uprisings and armed uprisings. His protagonist, in the arena of struggle, although sometimes deprived of the support of his allies, his only weapon is faith. Vinich, meanwhile, sees himself as a true fighter who shows loyalty to his faith in the most difficult situations without being rewarded or admired by others.

In the book of The Gadfly, love has an honorable position and with the help of this power, the end pages of the book are put on top of each other and leave people in sorrow for hours. Ms. Vinich was also an influential and active member of the British women’s community, and her articles on social rights and the defense of women in the press are well known. Over the years, he has published a number of works, including Jack Diamond, Oliviertam, and The Shoe Beck. Three years after The Gadfly was published, his other novel, Jack Dimond, was published. In his recent book, Atel exposes the hypocrisy and cruelty of church ministers.
In 1904, his third work, Olivialtam, was published. In 1910, he wrote another novel, A Broken Friendship. This novel is about the life of Khormags in South America. In 1911 and a few years later, he translated and published several famous works by the Ukrainian poet Azlermantov in English. In 1944, the 80-year-old author completed his new novel, Beckon’s Shoe. In this work, he once again appeals to the face of Khormags. This novel is written about Khormags’s maternal ancestors. Asteroid 2032 Atel is named after him.

Mrs. Ethel Lillian Vinich finally died on July 28, 1960, at the age of ninety-six.

He published his book called “The Gadfly”. The book was soon sold and reprinted.

In a part of The Gadfly book, we read:
“Do you think that all this lying is not a waste of energy?” Jama asked. “Is it worth the trouble?”

– If you were, what would you do? No doubt you have heard the English proverb which says: Do not ask until you hear a lie. I take no pleasure in lying to people and making fun of them; But when people ask me why I’m paralyzed, I have to answer in some way. In addition, when a person is forced to lie, he must wrap it in an interesting story. Did you see how Galli enjoys it?

– Do you prefer to make Gaul happy or tell the truth?
Khormags raised his head as he twisted the roots of the pieces in his hand and said: “Hmm … the truth! Did you want me to tell them the truth? Never. I preferred to cut my tongue; But I will not tell them the truth. I have never told anyone the truth; “But if you’re really interested in hearing it, I’ll tell you.”

Gemma slowly put aside her knitting. In his opinion, in the presence of this indifferent, violent and mysterious creature, who suddenly wanted to tell the secret of his heart to a woman who did not seem to like him well and did not know him well, and this was an interesting and pathetic point. .

Another part of The Gadfly book
Embrace your salvation forever, enjoy its fruits! I threw it at you like a bone thrown in front of hungry street dogs! Don’t worry about the price of the food you eat anymore, let’s fill your stomach with my son’s meat! O cannibal barbarians, O dead vampires! Now eat the meat of my torn liver! Drink the warm, boiling blood of my rabbit heart, the blood shed for you.

Rub it on, blush and flush your lips with it. Like carnivorous vultures, snatch meat from each other’s palms, fight over it, and finally greedily devour it; But do not torture me anymore. Look at this body that has been sacrificed for you, to pieces and bloodsuckers … His heart is still beating from a painful life, it is trembling from this fiery mourning; Come on Christians, look at this and eat!
Montanelli’s father’s voice, while calm, resonant and captivating, had such a pleasant melody that it gave his words a special charm. His voice, like that of an innate orator, was very mature and noble, and whenever he spoke to Arthur, he had a loving tone. “No, Father,” Arthur replied, “I must find him.” I’m sure you left it here. “I do not think you can ever write like that again.” Montanelli got to work. On the other side of the window, a beetle with golden wings was buzzing evenly, and from the street, the annoying screams of a mobile fruit seller could be heard.

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