The Diary of a Nobody


Title: The diary of an incomparable person

Author: George and Vidon Grossmit

Translator: Shahla Tahmasebi

Publisher: NU

Subject: Story, novel

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 284 p

Language: Farsi



The Diary of a Nobody , written by George and Vidon Grossmith, chronicles the daily lives of the Potter family, who live on the Laurels Mansion in Holloway, Brickfield Terrace. The head of the family, Charles Potter, is an employee of a trading company in the City of London, and has a loyal wife, Behsem Kerry, and a young and unmarried son, Behsem (Willie) Lupine.

Mr. Potter is a sensitive “incompetent” man who tries not to tarnish his originality through fruitless interactions with the likes of building painters and shop apprentices, shopkeepers and shopkeepers, and in short, people who take everything for granted.
All he thinks about is telling good jokes. And because he wants to be handed over at any cost and with any misfortune, he goes so far as to say that “the only thing that makes a man is to write a diary or a diary.

Mr. Potter’s character is formed in an era where employees wrote in pen and sat on high stools, and social hierarchy was strictly observed. But social change is imminent, the company’s junior employees no longer have the same respect for their superiors as before, and Porter seems very lonely and important in the meantime. This issue and the rude people around him make the reader get along with his annoyance and anger.

This popular London comedy came to prominence immediately after its release, and its popularity continues.

The Grossmitt brothers were born into an artistic family in London and soon became actors and writers.

George began acting in 1854. The book is illustrated by Vidon, he wrote several plays, including the Night of the Party, which attracted a great deal of attention, as well as a novel entitled A Report of a Woman (1896), and an autobiography entitled From Studio to Stage (1913).

The newspaper The Memoirs of an Invincible Man was reprinted fifteen times from 1892 to 1919, five times in 1910. It was also staged in 1954 at the London Arts Theater, in 1986 at the Greek Theater, in 1993 at the Greenwich Theater, and in 2011 at the Royal and Drangite Theater.

In 1964, the BBC produced a 40-minute short film in the style of the silent films Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin with the voice of a narrator, and in 1979 and 2007 made a television series out of it.

Three radio shows have been performed in 2004, 2012 and 2015.

Excerpts from the book Diary of an Invincible Man (text pleasure)
On November 6, Lupine came with me to our company, and after a detailed conversation with our chairman, Mr. Perkap, he was hired by the stockbroking and stock brokerage firm Job Clendens & Partners. But later the private told me, “These are an advertising company, I do not count on them much.”

“The needy have no choice,” I told him. I have to teach him to think fairly. I think he was a little embarrassed. In the evening we went to Cummings’ house to play some fireworks. But suddenly it rained and everything fell apart. One of my fireworks did not turn on everything I did.

“Son of Jon, hit him on the shoe bed to get out,” Gwing said. I also knocked him on the bed of my shoe several times, which exploded once with a terrible sound and burned my fingertips severely. I handed the rest of the fireworks to Cummings’ little boy to light.
Then came another tragedy that caused me to swear profusely: Cummings connected a swirling waterfall to a wooden pole in the courtyard. He sighed that he had paid seven shillings for it. It did not turn on at first.

When he caught it, it spun a few times and stopped moving. In order to use it, I calmed down my staff and, by bad luck, a pole fell on the grass and the grass got stuck. Everyone shook their heads as if I wanted to set the house on fire. This is the last time I go to a fireworks party. I do not waste my time or money on my own.

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