the dark side of the light chasers


Title: The Dark Side of Existence

Author: Dubai Ford

Translator: Abdullah Salahi

Publisher: Atisa

Subject: Shadow, assertiveness

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 240 p

Language: Farsi



the dark side of the light chasers helps us to become aware of our inner shadows that we have hidden from the eyes of others by providing effective methods and exercises, and to strive to grow and improve our personality.

In order not to be judged, to be accepted, to be respected and finally to have a healthy and happy life, one must know oneself and face it.

Many people try to deny or hide their negative feelings in order to be accepted in society. These feelings are the shadows or the dark half of our being that we always resist to face and avoid recognizing and analyzing.

What does the term semi-dark existence mean?
According to the theory of the well-known Swiss psychologist, physician, and philosopher Carl Gustav Jung, the shadow is the part of us that we do not want to be seen and known for. “The shadow is the one you do not want to be,” Jung believes. In other words, some people run away from their inner shadows and are not willing to decipher their inner unknowns.

Because they are afraid of entering the dark part of their being; The horror that arises from the wrong approach and view of man to these characteristics.

Shadows come in many forms in each person: fear, jealousy, ambition, laziness, deception, and so on.

These characteristics are manifested in human beings with different intensities and no specific criterion can be considered for them.

In this work, Debbie Ford calls the shadows of every human personality semi-dark.

About the book Semi-Dark Existence
In The Dark Side, Debbie Ford offers the dark side of the light chasers in a simple and fluent way, with regular and continuous methods that contribute to inner integrity.

Using his own and others’ experiences, he describes ways of accepting human characteristics in ten chapters.

The first chapter, entitled “Outer World, Inner World”, describes the meaning of the dark half of existence and analyzes the characteristics known as the inner shadows of man.

Debbie Ford writes in part of this chapter: “Instead of fearing and denying our inner shadows, we should accept and expose them. “Because they are part of our character.”
The second chapter, entitled “Looking for shadows”, deals with how we, after identifying our inner shadows, face them and accept our reality.

The third chapter begins with the title “The world within us”. In this section, Debbie Ford describes man and his outside world in such a way that each human being is a small example of the whole universe and contains all the knowledge of the whole universe.

In the fourth chapter, “self-remembering” is explained about the phenomenon of projection; Involuntary and unconscious behavior in which a person attributes his shadows to others and thinks that this feature exists in others and not in himself. At the end of this chapter, an exercise is presented to discover the hidden aspects of existence.

The fifth chapter is called “Know the shadows to know yourself” and the author explains how each person can be aware of the shadows, to know his true self.
After fully knowing oneself, one reaches a point where one must accept all its positive and negative aspects.

Ford explains the concept and result of acceptance in Chapter Six, “I Am It,” stating: “When we accept negative qualities and consider them part of our being, we no longer need to confirm them, because we know “We are both valuable and worthless, ugly and beautiful, lazy and conscientious.”

He believes that only in this situation can we regain our talent and creativity.

In the seventh chapter of “Embracing the Dark Side”, Debbie Ford teaches the audience in the form of several strategies that the characters she knows will embrace the dark half of her being and realize the blessings of life, even if they do not want it. .

The eighth chapter, which begins with the title “Reinterpret yourself”, explains to the audience how to respect the divine power within them and allow themselves to express whatever it is, by expressing educational methods.

Chapter 9, “Let the Light of Existence Shine,” is about human liberation and prosperity. Debbie Ford states that self-deprecation does not help the world, but man came to this world to manifest the divine glory within him.
In the last chapter of The Dark Side of Existence, the author redefines man in a complete and interconnected structure and interprets the concept of commitment. He asks his audience to fight for the realization of his dreams and live as much as he can.

In each chapter, Debbie Ford conveys the desired concepts in a tangible way by telling true stories about herself and those around her. It also provides exercises at the end of each section to develop these skills.

About Dubai Ford
Debbie Ford American writer, speaker, and teacher Debbie Ford was born in 1955. He majored in Psychology with a focus on Awareness Studies from J. University. F. Kennedy graduated and in 2001 received the Graduate of the Year Award.

In the field of psychology and spirituality, he carried out many activities in the field of literature, teaching, lecturing and holding educational workshops.

His first books, The Dark Side of Existence, are “Spiritual Separation” and “The Secret of the Shadow” about wisdom and awareness of the inner self and human spirits.

Ford wrote The Dark Side of Existence in 1998, which deals with modern psychology with spiritual solutions. The book was published by the New York Times.

In 2000, Oprah Winfrey, a well-known American producer and presenter, reviewed the book Semi-Dark Existence on her television program.
Shortly afterwards, the work escaped the New York Times bestseller list. In his book, Ford offers solutions for gaining self-awareness in a fluent and engaging tone.

Other works by Debbie Ford include “In the Shadow of the Shadow”, “Why Good People Do Bad Things” and “Spiritual Divorce”.

Ford died in 2013 at the age of 57 after a 12-year battle with cancer.

What are the available translations of Debbie Ford in Iran?
The first Persian translation of the book The Dark Side of Existence was translated by “Abdullah Salahi”, which reached its thirteenth edition in 1397.

In 2002, Farnaz Foroud translated the book The Dark Side of Existence into Persian, which was published by Hamida Publications.

In 2002, Kalk Azadegan Publishing House republished this book translated by Farnaz Foroud.

In 2015, Navandish Generation Publications published another translation of this work called “The Dark Half of the Seekers of Light”.

This version was translated into Persian by “Elham Sharif” with an introduction by “Neil Donald Walsh”, a famous American writer and speaker.

In a part of the semi-dark book, we read:

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves. It is an endeavor that lasts a lifetime, and it is something that requires at least embracing and embracing the whole of our being.

Realizing the gifts of even our most hated traits is a creative process that requires deep desires to hear and learn, a desire to let go of preconceived notions and beliefs, and a willingness to “feel better.”

The true self does not prejudge; It is only ego that prejudges under the influence of fear and for our protection. Surprisingly, this protection takes us away from self-knowledge. We must be ready to love whatever frightens us.
“My grievances obscure the light of the world,” says the “Age of Miracles.” You need to calm down, be brave, and listen to your inner voices to get past selfishness and its protections.
There are thousands of faces hidden behind our social masks. Each face has its own personality and each character has its own characteristics. By engaging in inner dialogue with these sub-characters, you turn your selfish prejudices and prejudices into precious jewels.

As you accept the messages of each aspect of your shadow, you gradually regain the power you have given to others and establish a trust-based bond with your original being.

When you bring the voices of the rejected aspects to your consciousness, your balance is restored and you are in harmony with the nature of your being.

These voices re-enable you to solve your problems and clarify your purpose in life.

These messages guide you to discover true and genuine love and empathy.

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