Ten stupid things men do to mess up their lives


Title: 10 stupid things that ruin men’s lives

Author: Laura Schlesinger

Translator: Shahrooz Farhang Begund

Publisher: Standard

Subject: Male-female relations

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 259

Language: Farsi



Book Ten stupid things men do to mess up their lives by Dr. Laura Schlinger

In the present book, which is part of the collection of books “The first step to a healthier and better life”, Dr. Laura Schlinger (author), based on the science of psychology, introduces ten incorrect works that affect marital life and introduces them in detail. Has been reviewed.

This book is about the problems that men and women face in order to find peace in marriage in a society.

The peace in which couples can grow and achieve a spiritual connection with each other. Because this relationship is nothing but a pleasurable obligation, which each party feels towards the other party until the moment of death, and this forms the basis of a purposeful life.

There is also a book called 10 Stupid Things That Destroy Women’s Lives, which addresses the following chapters:

  • Book titles
  • Stupid dependence
  • Stupid love relationships
  • Stupid passage
  • Stupid interest and prejudice
  • Stupid cohabitation
  • Stupid expectations
  • Stupid ideas
  • Stupid obedience
  • Stupid misery and helplessness
  • Stupid forgiveness

I’ve been listening to a lot of women lately and researching their past; Although they have been referred to medical and help centers and have therapeutic insights, they are mired in misery. The real key to growth, as these women know but are afraid to face, lies within. This is the key to doing something new and different for yourself. Something that will change you and elevate you to a higher place than you are.
The current feminist movement is more about blaming men or society at large, thereby ignoring the pivotal role of women in life’s troubles. Know that some of these challenges are more ugly than others. Let’s give an example: beyond what you lose or gain, there is no destiny.
With this book, I sincerely want to help you face your inner and outer demons and keep your life calm. I urge you to start building a better life and a richer experience through courage and compassion. As soon as you take the first step, you experience a “wave effect” in which strength brings better choices that lead to greater satisfaction for you and those who share in your life.

In my opinion, this book is the first stone thrown into still water to create this wave.

And there is another book called 10 stupid things that ruin a couple’s life.

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