Success or failure in the first ninety days


Title: Success or failure in the first ninety days

Author: KOIK

Translator: Hadi Mahdavi

Publisher: Elite

Language: Farsi

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Introducing the book of success or failure in the first ninety days of the work. ه. Quick and translated by Hadi Mahdavi
The book Success or Failure in the First Ninety Days provides the beginners with the map they need to succeed in the first 90 days of their network marketing business.

Those who are new to the business should know that how they perform in the first 90 days is crucial because when they can succeed in the first 90 days, the network will guarantee that they stay marketable and earn the money they want for the rest of their lives. Have.

The purpose of writing this book is to provide network marketers with the simple ideas and strategies that are necessary for success in network marketing and to make their network marketing experiences a simple, enjoyable, exciting and of course more profitable business.

Book chapters
Chapter One: What is Network Marketing? Background and its progress
Chapter Two: What Night’s Marketing Is Not – My Twin
Chapter 3: Network Marketing Concepts – The Biggest Opportunity
Chapter 4: Getting Started – Just Do It!
Chapter 5: Answering Ambiguities – Hold Armor
Chapter 6: Customer Finding – Go Fishing
Chapter 7: Introducing the work – show it
Chapter 8: Summarizing and Agreeing – The Edge of the Abyss
Chapter 9: Pursuit – The Factor of Stubbornness and Stubbornness
Chapter Ten: Reproduction (Replication) – Reproduction Machine
Chapter Eleven: Business Establishment Measures – The Magic of Tadbir
Chapter Twelve: Attitude-Belief-Commitment and Passion Fuel the move to success
Chapter 13: Success is a Choice Your Biggest Gift

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