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Title: Do not follow the news: Tips for a happier, calmer and wiser life

Author: Rolf Dubli

Translator: Sindakht Sarlak

Publisher: Atisa

Subject: Negativity / Attitude-Change / Life Skills

Age category: All ages

Number of pages: 104

Language: Farsi



stop reading the news book is a work by Rolf Dubli, author of The Art of Clear Thinking, translated by Amina Mohammadi. This book is a statement to have and build a happier, calmer and wiser life.

stop reading the news book about the book

The digital age has made news available to us quickly and with just one click. If listening to the news used to be a harmless pastime, now it is our weapon of mass destruction and its way of working is to harm our mental health. Therefore, it is we who must get rid of this destructive weapon; News can easily ruin our lives and our peace of mind, and it can make us sad, frustrated, and frustrated.

Addiction to the news of life has made it very difficult and on the other hand it can not be completely eliminated. But this destructive habit can be broken. Rolf Dubli, whose name was previously mentioned in the book The Art of Clear Thinking, is now coming to our aid with Do Not Follow the News. He gives us solutions that, by following them, will increase our peace of mind and make our lives healthier.

stop reading the news book

Do not follow the news book is for all people who care about maintaining mental health and tranquility.

About Rolf Dubli

Rolf Dubli is a Swiss writer, novelist and entrepreneur. He studied management and philosophy of economics and is the founder and trustee of the World Minds Committee. A committee to which only the most prominent international thinkers, scientists and actors are invited.

He became famous for writing books on the art of living well and the art of clear thinking. The book quickly found its place among the bestsellers and was translated into more than forty languages ​​worldwide.

stop reading the news book a part of the book

The first week of basic self-control is the worst week. Not checking the news requires special discipline. At first you will experience anxiety and anxiety, you expect something terrible to happen in the world at any moment.

You will feel restless, worried and unprepared for the next catastrophe and you feel left out. You have been rejected and even socially isolated and You are constantly prompted to take a sneak peek at one of your favorite news sites. Resist. Stick to your goal.

Live thirty days without news. Tell yourself, “I will be free in thirty days to return to my former life.” But these thirty days I will go to the bottom of the line and endure. Why thirty days? Because during this time you will begin to experience the first waves of inner peace and tranquility. You will find that you have more time and focus to better understand the world.

In thirty days you will reach a turning point:

you will realize that despite the restraint of the news you have not lost any relevant information and you will not lose anything in the future.
If a really important event happens, you will find out very soon – from the specialist press, from your friends, family, or someone you are chatting with. When meeting your friends, ask them if anything important has happened in the world. This question is a good start to an ideal conversation, and the answer you will normally get is, “No, nothing significant happened.” In thirty days you will decide whether or not you want to return to a life tainted with your former news.

If so and you do not want to change your mind later, you should go back to the starting point and try those first 30 hard days again. But most of the people who have followed my advice to this day live in a world without news, because the advantages of this innovative method far outweigh its disadvantages and disadvantages.
If you’ve been through this for thirty days, for example, if you’ve started before you started reading this book – then congratulations! You have revived yourself for ninety minutes a day. Together, these minutes make up one working day a week. Even with a downstream estimate, this can be more than a month a year. Now your year has twelve months, not eleven months, as before.

What do you want to do with these newly discovered times?

How is reading a book? What do you think about reading long articles in newspapers and magazines, especially those written by real experts?

How about a great online training course? This will help you to understand the underlying mechanisms of the world. Go deeper, not wider. Deal with concepts that really relate to or overlap with your scope of ability.
If you do not know what the circle of ability is, do not worry: in Section 9 we will take a closer look. But for now, it’s enough to know that your range of ability is your ideal position and your firm foothold, the range at which your ability is above average (or you barely put it above average). And your skill is the circle of your ability. What do you think about thinking?

stop reading the news book book written by Rolf Dubli will help you to spend your time better and with higher quality by providing practical techniques.

Do not follow Rolf Dobelli in the news book, like his other works, he is looking for a way to achieve a happy and peaceful life. By examining this important issue, he addresses the destructive factors that divert us from this path and hinder people from reaching real life.

In fact, the book you now have in hand deals with the news and the role it plays in people’s lives, and includes reasons for not paying attention to the news, research on the effect of reading the news, and tips on how to break the habit.

In today’s world, news has evolved from a form of harmless entertainment to a weapon of mass destruction that directly affects the mental health of human beings. Now Rolf Dubli intends to rid you of this dangerous weapon.

News has a tremendous effect on people’s lives and peace of mind, so that it can disrupt their lives and have a negative psychological effect on people. Addiction to following the news has become so pervasive that it is not easy to get rid of it. So you should read this book carefully and follow its solutions to witness a calmer life.

Do not follow the news in another part of the book, we read:

What makes a good life? In other words, how do you live to be able to look at it one day and believe that it was “successful” and “good”? Unless you can answer this basic question, your life will be a relentless copier of crises. Without a clear philosophy, there is a danger that your life will be wasted.

It does not matter what philosophy you choose. The key is to think and choose correctly. I have described my perception of this in my book The Art of Living Well. Your goals may be similar to mine or they may be completely different, it does not matter. The important thing is to have goals and a clear vision of them.
If we look at the last 2,500 years – that is, since philosophers first began writing their ideas – we see a significant point of overlap between philosophers.

“Inner peace” has almost always been considered a key component of a successful life, although in ancient times the concept was often expressed in terms such as “stillness”, “inwardness”, “inner strength”, “inner purity” or “peace of mind”. Peace of mind is due in part to the absence of toxic emotions. The sooner you can remove toxic emotions such as jealousy, anger, and self-pity from your emotional set, the better.

Index of the book stop reading the news book

When the sound of the needle falling was heard
How I quit the news: Part 1
How I quit the news: Part 2
3 News for the mind is like sugar for the body
4 Extreme abstinence
5 Thirty-day program
6 soft options
7 news is irrelevant; Part 1
8 News is irrelevant; Part 2 (intellectual experiment)
9 News outside your competence
10 News is always wrong in risk assessment
11 News is a waste of time
12 News The big picture obscures topics
13 news is toxic to your body
14 News confirms our mistakes
15 News reinforces retrospective bias
16 News strengthens the desire for right-wing options
17 Volcanic News Keeps Comments Booming
18 News closes the way of thinking
19 News transforms the structure of our brain
20 News causes fake reputation
21 News makes us smaller than we really are
22 News makes us passive
23 news invented by journalists
24 Deceptive News
25 News kills creativity
26 News causes nonsense: Sturgeon Law
27 News gives us the illusion of empathy
28 News gives wings to terrorism
29 News takes away our peace of mind
30 Not convinced?
31 What is democracy? Part One
32 What is democracy? Part II
33 News Lunch
34 Future News
35 How does it feel?

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