self-discovery the JUNGIAN way


Title: Jungian Self-Knowledge; Password technique

Author: Michael Daniels

Translator: Ismail Fassih

Publisher: Neu

Subject: Personality tests – typology – free association – self – assessment

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 241

Language: Farsi

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Introducing the book of self-discovery the JUNGIAN way

by Jung’s method by Michael Daniels

Jung’s Self-Knowledge is a book by Michael Daniels, translated by Ismail Fassih; Jungian method of self-knowledge using the cryptography technique offers an interesting and exciting method based on the theories of the great psychologist Carl Gustav Jung. The cryptocurrency technique is able to identify different psychological types and examine the personality structures and dynamics of each of these types. It offers a broader understanding of man’s inner “self” and his personality connection.

“Know thyself,” says Socrates, “because an untested life is not worth living.”

Throughout history and in all cultures, self-knowledge has been the most important and perhaps the only sign of a mature and enlightened human being, as well as a highway to ultimate success.
Jung’s self-knowledge demonstrates a new technique of self-knowledge based on Carl Jung’s psychological theories. This technique allows you to identify your psychological personality type and discover the structure and dynamics of your personality.

Learning that there is a distinction between different powers and tendencies in our psyche opens the way to a greater understanding of “ourselves” and our personal relationships.

This book is fun and simple and understandable to everyone.

Jung’s self-knowledge enables readers to evaluate and interpret their results by following simple instructions that do not require numerical scoring.
This method can not only identify the psychological type of Jungian everyone but also provide a way to work with these Jungian archetypes. This book can be interesting for Jung general readers, as well as for psychologists and therapists.

Explaining the “word code” which he considers a special technique according to Jung’s theories for self-knowledge, Michael Daniz in 9 interesting and simple chapters to both those who do not know anything about Jung’s theories and to those who are interested in Jung new and interesting technique Teaches for self-knowledge.

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