It ends with us


Title: It ends with us

Author: Colin Hoover

Translator: Mohammad Javad Shojaei

Publisher: Partoa

Subject: American stories – 21st century

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 376

Language: Farsi



It ends with us Colin Hoover is not an ordinary love story, it breaks your heart and at the same time, fills it with hope. By the end of the story, you will laugh in tears.

People on the path of life are at a crossroads of decision, sometimes it is difficult to decide to go in the right direction.

It ends with us depicts the decisions of a woman’s life and the countless paths she faces;

And guides the audience with him to make the right decision. In this book, love, violence, forgiveness and rationality are expressed far from stereotypes and with a different ending.

Summary of the book We will finish
The story is about a girl named Lily who enters into a relationship with a handsome neurosurgeon named Rile Kinkid. Suddenly, life becomes so beautiful for her that it is unbelievable, but when the worries about a new relationship occupy Lily’s mind, The memoirs of Atlas Carigen engage him with his first love and the discipline that connects him to the past.

Atlas has had much in common with and protected Lily in the past;

Because of this, when it suddenly appears, everything Lily makes with Riley is threatened, but Lily realizes that sometimes, the person she loves hurts you the most.

With this bold and completely unique novel, Colleen Hoover tells the story of an unforgettable love that must be paid the highest price.

Hoover says in an interview that “We’ll Finish” is the hardest book he’s ever written, and he loves it more than any other.
Colin Hoover was born in 1979 in Texas, USA, and in 2011 he published his first novel, Closed.

Famous blogger Maris Black awarded the novel five stars;

And the book quickly became a New York bestseller. He has authored numerous books, most of which have won awards and acclaim;

Such as: retreat, we finish, this girl and …

The book We Ends with Us is a work by American author Colin Hoover. Colin Hoover published his first novel in 2012, and since then, all of his novels have become bestsellers in the New York Times.

In the part of the text on the back cover of the book, we will finish:
Colin Hoover tells the story of an unforgettable love for which we must pay the highest price.

The media and writers have given different opinions about this novel.

USA Today writes about this novel: “A heartwarming and delicate story that will not be forgotten. “The kind of books that will be remembered.” The book list writes:

“A bold and engaging novel that captures emotion. “Even when Hoover gives hope, the power and suffering of the relationship stay with the audience.” Kami Garcia also wrote about us finishing:

“Colin Hoover reminds his audience that love is fragile and mixed with courage, hope and tears.

“Every heartbroken person should read this book.” Finally, Sarah Peykanen, author of the best-selling international novel The Immaculate Conception, wrote:

“We end it is not an ordinary love story. This book breaks your heart and at the same time, fills it with hope. “By the end of the story, you will laugh in tears.”

We will finish some sentences from the text of the book
I think about others and how they ultimately decide to end their lives. Do they later regret their decision?

Surely, right after they do this, and a moment after the work begins, they feel a little remorse when they fall quickly.

Do they look at the ground as the earth rushes towards them and say, “Wow, I’m dirty. “What nonsense was that?”

Gardening used to be the best way for me to vent my anger. Whenever I was stressed, I would go to the backyard and find any weeds I would pull out.

Once, someone told me that there is no such thing as a bad person; We are all human beings who sometimes do bad things.

This word has remained in my mind forever, because it is true. We all have a little bit of good and bad in us.

I shake my head and say as I lower my voice, “You do not understand, do you?” Right now, I’m more broken than I’m able to keep screaming at him.
Ryle, I love you. Maybe if it was a few months ago, we could have continued the same casual relationship. You could have gone and I could have easily gone to my life but it was not mine a few months ago. ت

And you have waited a long time and many parts of me have accumulated in your being. So please do not play with me, do not hit my photo on the wall of your apartment and do not send me flowers;

Because when you do this, I do not feel good, Riley. This bothers me.

I was worried that the relationship with you would add to my responsibilities. I have avoided this issue all my life.

I had suffered enough before, and seeing the tension that my parents’ marriage had created for them, and the failure of some of my friends in marriage, made me reluctant to play such a role at all.

But tonight I realized that a lot of people are doing the wrong thing. Because what is happening between us is not like responsibility.
I feel like a reward and I fall asleep thinking about what I did to deserve such a reward.

All human beings make mistakes. What builds our character is not our mistakes, but how we deal with those mistakes and learn from them, rather than justify them.

Perhaps love is not something that is a complete cycle and comes to an end;

Maybe it’s something that has ups and downs, just like the people we encounter in our lives.

Every human being deserves to be given another chance; Especially those who are dearer to us than anyone else.

His eyes fill with sadness, and that makes me realize that going is the best thing to do right now.
None of us have taken each other out of our minds and I do not know if we will ever do it or not.

I’m thinking that forgetting is a misconception, and being here, while I’m still thinking about what ‘s going on in my life, makes things worse for me.

Patterns exist because it is painful to break them.

It takes a lot of suffering and courage to change the pattern we are used to.

Sometimes, it seems easier to continue the same routine than to face the fear of climbing while we may no longer be able to land on our feet. My mother continued this routine. I continued it.

But now we’re done.

The book’s author, Colin Hoover, has tried to portray a part of his life and even claims that he himself was hesitant to decide which path the protagonist would eventually choose.

He reminds the reader that love is a fragile feeling mixed with courage, hope and tears.

“All human beings make mistakes, but what shapes a human personality is not the mistakes he makes, but the way he tries to learn from them instead of making excuses.”

Critics consider the story of Colin Hoover, one of the best-selling novels of 2016, a strong and daring novel, and believe that every man and woman should read it.

We end a part of the text of our book:
Sometimes the one who loves you hurts you the most. I think about death a lot;

Especially today, just twelve hours ago, I delivered the most eulogy of the funeral that the people of Peltura, Maine, have ever witnessed.

Well, it was probably not the most heartfelt speech, and it could have been the most unsuccessful speech. I think it depends on whether you ask my mother or me.

My mother will probably not talk to me for a year.
Not to be misunderstood, my speech was not like the speech of Steve Jobs’s sister or Pat Tillman’s brother at their funeral to be recorded in history, but it was passionate in its own way. At first I was anxious.

After all, Andrew Bloom’s funeral was admirable; The beloved mayor of my hometown, Paltoray Maine, the owner of the city’s most successful real estate agency, the wife of the beloved Jenny Bloom, the most respected assistant to Pletora’s general manager, and the father of Lily Bloom – the weird, red-haired girl who one day falls in love with a homeless man The whole family was ashamed.

It was me. My name is Lily Bloom and Andrew was my father. Today, as soon as I spoke to him at the funeral, I got a plane ticket straight to Boston and picked up the first tall roof I could find. Again, not because I am suicidal.

I have no intention of throwing myself off this. I came here just because I really needed fresh air and silence, and my damn apartment on the third floor does not have access to open space, and my roommate likes to hear her singing all the time.

We conclude our book It ends with us review:
In this bold novel, Colin Hoover tells the story of an unforgettable love that must be paid the highest price.

The story of this novel is about a girl named “Lily” who meets a neurosurgeon named Rile Kinkid and this issue suddenly makes her life so beautiful that she could not have imagined in her dream that it is unbelievable.

But when the worries of this new acquaintance occupy Lily’s mind, the memories of Atlas Carrigan, her first fiancé, and the discipline that connects her to the past come to her.

Atlas has had a lot in common with Lily in the past and has protected her. For this reason, when suddenly and in the wake of this new acquaintance, everything that Lily has done with Riley is threatened, and it highlights in Lily’s mind that sometimes, the one who loves you, above all. It bothers you

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