If you’re not first you’re last


Title: If you are not the first, you will be the last

Author: Grant Cardon

Translator: Fahimeh Fathi

Publisher: Atisa

Topic: Success in business

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 168

Language: Farsi

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Book Introduction If you’re not first you’re last by Grant Cardon

If you are not the first, the last is about how to sell your product and offer your services – despite the economy – and it offers the reader ways to invest regardless of the product, service or idea.

During a recession, selling products, retaining customers, and gaining market share become much more difficult. Your mistakes cost more, and failure becomes a real possibility for all those who are unable to trade.

But imagine that you can sell your products when others are not able to sell your products, you can get market share from your competitors and use precise formulas that allow you to expand your sales while others make excuses. They bring.

Grant shares your proven strategies, allowing you to not only keep selling, but also produce new products, increase inventories, gain market share, and more. The main concepts in “If you are not the first, you will be the last” include:

Convert unsold to sold

A power plan to advance and conquer
Financial plan for freedom
Irrational sales attitude

If you are not the first, you will be the last person. It is a best-selling and influential book in itself, which, considering the opinions of the people and the amount of sales, as well as its author, is a mark on the efficiency and goodness of this book.

The content and message of the book is completely written and written for people who are just entering the market or have been present for some time but do not have the right mentality about the market and their goals. For those of you who want to live a better life without worrying about your financial situation and need a guide to become the most successful person in your field, this book will undoubtedly play the role of a miracle.

Do not expect shortcuts from this book and getting rich overnight, and discard all these empty dreams and read this book with an open mind and ready to try, and learn how to avoid making mistakes and your own land, and towards The rest have an advantage.

Grant Cardon was unemployed after graduating from the University of Chicago. He lived with his parents and had only $ 2.26 in his bank account. He is now 31 years old and introduces himself only by his first name.

“It was a real warning to me,” he said. I told myself I would never want to be in that situation again. “I took a picture of my bank account and promised myself that I would have $ 1 million in my account after five years.”

Parts of the book, If you’re not first you’re last

Don’t forget to send a letter after each phone call, add the person to your contact list and add their name to your personal appointment calendar. Cultivate these “missed” opportunities until they are finally added to your list of customers. Remember, these are part of your power base, even if you have not (ever) sold them anything.

Once a potential customer in Washington DC. I used to call him twice a year. I failed to deal with him year after year; But I still treated him like a customer and kept in regular contact with him. After ten years of insistence, he finally agreed to work with me. It was one of the biggest contracts of my life.

If I sell you a book for thirty dollars and you give me thirty dollars, the fact is that you either believe the book is worth more than thirty dollars or it was not worth thirty dollars to you. You may think the book is worth $ 30, but since I could not convince you that the book is worth more, you may decide to spend your money on a family dinner instead of buying the book.
If people think that what they are getting is worth exactly the amount of money they are paying, they will not give you any money. They only do this when they believe the value of that thing is much greater.

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