Five Stories of William Shakespeare


Title: Five Stories of William Shakespeare and Romeo and Juliet

Author: William Shakespeare

Translator: Ali Asghar Hekmat

Publisher: Nik Farjam

Subject: Short Stories / William Shakespeare – Adaptations

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 263

Language: Farsi

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Five stories of William Shakespeare are written by Ali Asghar Hekmat.

This book was written for forty years, between the years 1915-1953. Finally, in 1953, the complete collection was published. Shakespeare’s Five Tales is a collection of famous Shakespeare plays. Ali Asghar Hekmat has written Shakespeare’s Five Tales by mastering these plays.

These five anecdotes are a summary of the main stories. Ali Asghar Hekmat’s work is not just a summary. He has combined Shakespeare’s anecdotes with the original Persian language. In addition, to better understand the meaning of the story, the reader has given examples of famous Iranian poets such as Hafez, Saadi, Nezami, Jami and Ferdowsi. Mr. Hekmat’s purpose in writing this book was to introduce Shakespeare to Persian speakers as much as possible. Shakespeare’s plays have been translated over and over again.

However, due to the weight of the literature of these works, it is a little difficult for Persian to understand the meanings correctly. For this reason, Ali Asghar Hekmat has used Persian language poets. Shakespeare’s Five Tales includes five plays by a Venetian merchant, Macbeth, King of Scotland, The Grief of Othello or the Maghreb of Venice, Romeo and Juliet, and the Grief of Prince Hamlet of Denmark. Ali Asghar Hekmat wrote the style and tone of the book in the prose of his contemporary Shakespeare in Iran. The prose of Ali Asghar Hekmat’s book is considered ancient prose.

Shakespeare’s Five Tales
We invite you to one of Shakespeare’s most romantic poems.

  • “I take your heart with me everywhere
  • I take it with me
  • I will never be without you
  • You were with me wherever I went
  • And whatever I did, you did with me
  • My dear! I do not want this world
  • I do not want any fate for myself
  • The sweetest thing for me is your destiny
  • And the beauty of the world for me is you
  • And that’s what the moon has always meant
  • “And the sun always shines on you.”

Shakespeare’s book

One of the anecdotes in this series is Macbeth, King of Scotland. The story of this book is about a brave general named Macbeth. Macbeth is one of King Duncan’s most beloved and courageous generals. Macbeth and another general named Banco return from a battle with the Norwegians. They meet witches on the way. Magicians tell Macbeth that he will become King of Scotland in the future. When Macbeth returns to the court, he is captivated by his wife’s career.

Lady tells him that he killed Duncan and took the throne. Macbeth finally listens to his wife and kills King Duncan. After King Duncan is assassinated, Macbeth ascends the throne. But this is not the end of the story. Macbeth kills Banco’s children so that his position will not be shaken. Because the sorcerers had told him that these children were a threat to his throne.

Banco gives one of his children to the fugitive killers.

But he himself is killed instead of his child. Malcolm is also the son of King Duncan. He also fled the country to save his life. In Scotland, most officials have fled Macbeth to other countries. Only flatterers remain. After Duncan’s death, Lady gradually contracted insanity. He walks into the palace at night and tells the ladies the secret of Duncan’s murder. Finally, the lady kills herself.
Macbeth, whose fear of losing power has affected his whole life, takes refuge in witches again. The sorcerers tell him to stay away from the nameless forest. After a while, Malcolm gathers his army and invades Scotland from the Byrne Forest. Macbeth, who has no companions left except flatterers, is washed away by Malcolm’s army and killed.

After the war, Malcolm gloriously enters the palace and re-takes over Scottish rule. The play Macbeth, King of Scotland, has four main characters, Macbeth, Duncan, Lady and Banco. Each of them has its own unique personality. Macbeth is a brave but unsalted Sardari. Lady has a cruel and black heart. Duncan is a just, popular and kind-hearted king.

Publication of the book “Five Shakespeare Tales”
The printed version of Shakespeare’s Five Tales was published in Phoenix Publications in 2015.

About the author of the book “Five Stories of Shakespeare”, Ali Asghar Hekmat
Ali Asghar Hekmat was born on the 26th of August, 1271. He was born in the language of the unseen, Shiraz. Mr. Hekmat was a descendant of Hassan Fasaei and Seyyed Ali Khan Amir Kabir. Wisdom grew up in a literate family. He lived in Shiraz until the end of school. But he moved to Tehran to continue his education. He studied Islamic sciences in Tehran.

In addition, he went to an American school at the same time. He then worked as an English teacher in schools for many years after graduating. Then, together with one of his acquaintances, he founded the Radical Party and officially entered politics. He worked in the Ministry of Education from 1297 to 1309. Prior to his retirement, Mr. Hekmat had worked extensively in politics. In 1317, he was appointed Minister of Interior. Then in 1320, he started his activity in the Ministry of Crafts and Arts.

During his activity in the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Interior,

he carried out many activities, including the establishment of the University of Tehran, the establishment of the National Library, the establishment of many museums, the literacy movement, Persianization of letters, the establishment of the Ministry of Physical Education, the establishment of the Academy of Persian Language and Literature. . Cited. Mr. Hekmat was the one who banned Sadaq Hedayat in 1313. After the establishment of the University of Tehran, he became the president of this university. Ali Asghar Hekmat is one of the honorable and hardworking figures of our country.
His steps for the development of this land are innumerable. Mr. Hekmat is considered one of the famous figures of Persian literature beyond all government activities. He has left valuable and original works in Iranian literature. He traveled to many countries of the world and spread the name of Iran and Persian literature everywhere. From the literary works of this great man, we can mention from Saadi to Jami, Rastakhiz, Babel tablets, way of life and … Ali Asghar Hekmat donated more than 5,000 books and hundreds of manuscripts to the country’s museums a few years before his death. But soon after the end of his life, on September 23, 1980, he passed away.

His tomb is in the shrine of Hazrat Abdolazim Hassani. The vast country of Iran has seen with its own eyes many of these compassionate men and women. Ali Asghar Hekmat was the founder of many cultural, literary and historical sections of Iran. If it were not for such men in our country, many of our culture would be gone today.

Excerpt from Shakespeare’s Five Tales

To narrate that in the former days of the monarchy, on the throne of Denmark, there was a country adorned with virtues and adorned with vices, an army of his well-known oven and a country of his justice. He died suddenly in an unknown death. His good lady, Queen Gertrude, had not yet mourned with her brother Claudius two months after the mourning, and she sat on the throne in place of her brother.

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