Brit Marie was here


Title: Brit Marie was here

Author: Frederick Beckman

Translator: Angel Officer

Publisher: Aso

Subject: Swedish stories

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 448

Language: Farsi

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BrittMarie Was Here book was by Frederick Beckman
Brittany was here is a long novel by Swedish author Frederick Beckman. In this book, Beckman tells the story of Brittany in simple and fluent language.
Britt Marie is a 63-year-old woman who has a seemingly antisocial and strange behavior. He has lost his older sister Ingrid in an accident in the past.
Ingrid was a beautiful and social girl who was loved by her family. After her death, Brittany wonders why she did not die in the place of her sister.
The introduction to Brittany’s book was here
There are many people in society who use their age as an excuse to procrastinate and procrastinate.

It does not matter how old you are, there are always people who say, “It’s over for me” or “It’s too late for these things,” but looking at the lives of some people, one can see that it is never too late to start.

“Brit Marie” in “Brit Marie Was Here” is a woman who, on the eve of her 70th birthday, pursues her dreams and does not give up. Reading her life story instills hope and motivation in her heart.

Here is a summary of Britt-Marie Was Here
A snake is an obsessive woman who cares too much about cleanliness and cleanliness.

The slightest disturbance bothers Marie because she lives according to her own principles and rules and tries to be useful to those around her.

Sometimes people may inadvertently criticize or judge her suggestions, but Marie is kind and important to what others think of her, it is important to Marie that she never hurts anyone.

At a young age, Marie meets two brothers, Alf and Kent, and eventually marries Kent.

After years of living together, Marie finds out about her husband’s infidelity and leaves him for a while.
This motivates Marie to find a job and she decides to believe in herself and pursue her dreams and aspirations.

She becomes the caretaker of the village youth house through the job search office.

This job is a new beginning for Marie and interesting things will happen to her in the future. Even the village children who want to play football ask Marie to coach their small team.

Critique of Brittany’s character; An obsessive and kind woman
The character of Brittany in “Brittany Was Here” is somewhat similar to the character of “Oh” in “A Man Named Oh” and the character of Grandmother in “Grandmother Greets and Says Sorry.”

A characterization that may seem stereotypical and repetitive. This time, too, an old man with obsessions and strange rules and behaviors, but in the end a sweet and kind character that the singer like “Oh” becomes interested in.

There may seem to be similarities between the characters in Beckmann’s novels, but in each of the characters in his work there are unique features that must be explored with a keen eye.

Brit Marie is an invisible woman, no one knows about her. He lives his whole life in fear of dying alone and leaving his lifeless body undiscovered for many days.

Britmari is obsessed with cleanliness and organization. Everything should be tidy and clean, and if not, Marie will feel guilty.

All these characteristics have made Brit Marie an unusual woman with strange and unchanging habits.
This kind of life is boring and unbelievable for most people in society. But Marie finds real security and comfort throughout the story.

The interesting thing about Marie in this book with people in the community is that she, like many people, decides to change just when she is under stress.

When Marie finds life with her husband unbearable, change is her only option.

Beckman’s realism in creating the characters doubles the appeal of his stories.

At the beginning of the story, Marie is a woman who surrenders to her husband’s wishes.
He sacrifices himself for the thoughts and feelings of others in every situation because he does not want others to be offended by him.

For forty years, Marie ignores herself and her dreams to keep others happy.

Many readers will probably identify with Marie’s character as well, as they may have abandoned themselves for the sake of others and are now looking for an incentive to change.

A little while later, Marie enters a village called Borg to work. Borg is a village facing poverty and economic crisis, and most of its shops are closed.
When Marie enters Borg, something strange happens to her.

Without even knowing what football is, he inadvertently starts a football team at the insistence of children and youth.

Marie does not know anything about football, but the singer sees her efforts and hopes to lead the team to the championship.

Marie, who has always relied on her husband and could not do great things without her husband, has now entered a new world called Borg.

Brittany is the silent dimension within us that is waiting to be awakened and to show everyone that wanting is being able.

Marie shows readers that it is never too late to start and change, it is enough for a person to know his abilities and continue with hope and motivation.

Frederick Beckman; Famous Swedish author
Carl Frederick Beckman is one of the most successful writers of recent years.

With the popular and best-selling novel “A Man Named Ove”, he went on a hundred-year journey overnight and became famous all over the world. Beckman was born in 1981 in Stockholm, Sweden.

He has been interested in reading and writing since he was a child. Beckman began his writing career as a blogger and later wrote for various newspapers and magazines, including Metro Magazine.

Beckman achieved great success in 2012 with the publication of his first book, A Man Named Ove.
In a very short time, this book became one of the most fascinating books talked about all over the world, and for a long time it was at the top of the bestseller list in Sweden and the New York Times.

“A Man Called Oh” is the story of an old man who is seemingly serious and withdrawn, but whose love and warmth have fascinated readers.

A man named Oh has been translated into more than 30 languages ​​to date and has sold millions of copies worldwide.

A Swedish film based on the novel A Man Named Ove was also nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film at the 89th Academy Awards.

Following the popularity of the book A Man Named Oh and Beckman’s worldwide fame, many readers from all over the world follow the works of this Swedish author.

Beckman was not empty-handed, too, and almost every two years he released a new book to surprise his fans.

Beckman’s second book was “Motherberg Greetings and Say Sorry”, published in 2015.
A year later, Beckman published “Britt-Marie Was Here,” a story that bore some resemblance to “A Man Named Oh,” which some referred to as a female version of Oh.

In 2019, a Swedish film directed by Tova Novotny of the same name was made based on the story “Britmari was here”.

Among Beckmann’s works, which have also been translated and published in Iran, are the books “The Deal of Life with a Gray Woman”, “The Mother Greetings and Saying Sorry”, “And Every Morning the Road Goes Farther”, “The City of Bears”, “We are against you”, “And I love you” and “Deal of life”.

Frederick Beckman’s writing style
Some may believe that the people living in cold countries are cold and soulless, and that the writers of these countries are no exception to this rule, and that the climate of their land influences the tone of their writing.

It must be said that this is a misconception that most people have.

Sweden is a cold country, but looking at the works of Swedish writers such as Frederic Beckmann and Jonas Jonasson, who have a humorous language, it can be seen that the geographical climate has no effect on the author’s language.

Frederick Beckman writes true stories with humor and simple language from people in the community.
He has used his life experiences, books, movies and travels from childhood to the present to create his stories.

In his stories, Beckman even uses pervasive and disturbing social issues such as infidelity or suicide and portrays it with a humorous look. It becomes for him.

An issue that leads to interesting and fun events throughout the story.

It is Beckmann’s art to use the serious subject matter and the smallest detail around him in the dialogue between the characters and the events that take place in the story.

“I’m constantly writing about everyday events,” Beckman said in an interview. Everywhere, behind the envelopes, I put them on my drink and cell phone trays, and finally I put them in my computer.

Sometimes I use my old typewriter or pencil and pen to write.

A dialogue, an idea, a phrase! “Think about it. For example, three weeks later I will find it again in the middle of the hurricane.”

Farnaz Teymurazov and translation of Beckman’s works
Farnaz Teymurazov introduced Frederick Beckman to Iranians for the first time by translating the book “A Man Named Oh”.

He translated the book from both German and English and published it at Nun Publishing. Other translations of the book were later published.

Farnaz Teymurazov is an Iranian translator living in Switzerland. Teymurazov received a degree in English translation in Iran.
He works in the field of literary translation.

His translations include “Death Comes to Pemberley” by PD James and “The Murder of the Bridesmaid” by Ruth Randall for Drop Publishing.

The translator of “A Man Named Oh” translated another of Frederick Beckman’s novels, “Britt Marie Was Here” for Nun. The book was reprinted four times in less than two months.

Backpack Publishing has published the book “Brit Marie was here” translated by “Hossein Tehrani” and Milkan Publishing has published this book translated by “Samaneh Parhizkari”.

In part of Britt-Marie Was Here, we read:
It is 55:16. Britt Marie stands alone on the street in front of the Labor Office, because it would be rude to show up too soon. The gentle wind blows through her hair.

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