Title: Becoming

Author: Michelle Obama

Translator: Mehrab Hassanvand

Publisher: Aso

Subject: Women American Attorney, Biography

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 520

Language: Farsi



Becoming of Michelle Obama broke the sales record in the first month of its release!

The book, which became the best-selling book of the year in the United States, tells the personal life of the wife of the first black president of the United States before and after entering the White House.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama invites you into her world in a cordial way and talks about the experiences that have shaped her character.

In fact, becoming a book (Becoming Michelle Obama) is the story of a woman who overcomes the difficulties and obstacles of life step by step and creates a bright future for herself with effort, patience, resourcefulness and perseverance.
In this book, he recounts where he started his life. From the second floor of a relative’s house in the south of Chicago, ‌ where he is known for his high crime rate.

But he succeeds with effort and provides an ideal life for himself.
This book is a kind of American dream story. A girl from a poor working-class family attends a good high school so she can get to Harvard.

He studies and becomes a lawyer and eventually leaves the White House.

The first part of this book, in eight chapters, deals with the childhood from Michelle Obama University. From the beginning of his difficult life to his arrival at Harvard, his family relationships and the impact these relationships have had throughout his life.

He believes that his parents’ support has been a support for him that most of his compatriots have been deprived of, and this has enabled him to stand on his own two feet in the face of life’s challenges.

The second section examines the ten years of dating, marriage, and the early years of Michelle and her husband, Barack Obama.
After graduating from Princeton University and later Harvard Law School, Michelle Obama was hired by Chicago’s most prestigious law firm, which went far beyond her family’s expectations.

And the third part begins with the day of Barack Obama’s victory in the election and talks about the celebration of Presidential Oath Day.

The book, which chronicles the life of America’s first wife, includes a $ 65 million contract with Michelle and Barack Obama.

This book has been published in 24 languages ​​in different countries of the world and has been well received in Iran and has passed its seventeenth edition in a period of one month.
This book is recommended for all those who are interested in seeing the various possibilities of life. Although it can not be described as behind the scenes of politics, it is undoubtedly a picture of a lifestyle that you have rarely seen or heard of.

Becoming part of the text of the book
Almost from the moment we agreed to run in the election, Barak became a human ghost to me.

Now I saw a pixelated type of man I knew.

A man who suddenly had to be everywhere and get involved in much more important things. In less than a year, primaries will begin in Iowa.

Barak quickly hired staff and sought out sponsors to write high-check checks.

He decided to announce his candidacy in the most appropriate way possible.

The goal was to read the minds of the people and be with them until election day. Campaigns could easily win or lose.
The whole operation was led by two Davids: Axelrad and Plov. Everyone called Xelrad an X-man, a gentle and dignified man with a mustache that appeared all over his lips.

Formerly a reporter for the Chicago Tribune; He later became a political consultant and worked for Barak’s media. Plov, who was thirty-nine at the time, smiled like a boy, loved numbers and strategy, and ran the main affairs of the campaign.

The team grew rapidly and experienced people joined us to lead the finances and future planning.
Someone suggested that Barack announce his candidacy in Springfield. Everyone thought that this would be appropriate in the middle of the United States for the campaign and the whole political process.

This was Barak’s main hope. During the years he worked as a social activist, he was aware of the deprived and poor people in our democracy. Vote project! It helped him to know what he could provide for the people.

Becoming a book reviewer
Becoming a book is the diary of the most powerful black woman in the world. This is the explanation given by some of the world’s leading publications about the book “Becoming” written by Michelle Obama, the former First Lady of the United States.

In this book, he deals with many parts of his childhood, adolescence and acquaintance with Obama, and with a narrative and simple tone, he was able to attract the attention of many audiences.

His memoirs are perhaps fascinating in that they recount a combination of his personal and political experiences.

The book was published on November 13, 2018 and has been translated into more than 24 languages. Interestingly, on the very first day of the nationwide sale of this book, the audience was greeted in such a way that they formed huge queues in the streets and sold nearly 700,000 copies on the first day.

Another female president who has been able to compete with Michelle Obama is Hillary Rodham, wife of Clinton, President of the United States in 1993. In 2003, she published a book called “Living History,” which sold 600,000 copies on its first day. Went.
When Barack Obama became the first African-American candidate to run for the presidency with the highest number of votes, his wife, Michelle Obama, felt the burden of being the president’s wife on her shoulders. می‌کرد.

From the day Obama took office, he was no longer the only Michelle Obama, but the wife of the US president. From that day on, Michelle had to be much more careful in her choices and consider the position of First Lady in her behavior.

About becoming a book author: Michelle Obama
Michelle Lavon Robinson Obama was born in 1964 in the metropolitan area of ​​Chicago. She is an African-American who served as First Lady of the United States during Obama’s two presidencies (eight years).

His education includes law and writing, where he earned a law degree from Princeton and Harvard.

Michelle married Barack Obama at the age of 28, and the marriage produced two daughters, Malian and Sasha, who were struggling to give birth to their second child and were eventually forced to use artificial insemination, which is discussed in the book. Becoming has also come.

One of the most important topics for Michelle is the environment. Protecting the environment and addressing global warming and other related issues is one of Michelle Obama’s main concerns.
During his lifetime in the White House, he had a vegetable garden from which all the vegetables he needed to eat were prepared. Another of his hobbies is beekeeping, which he also did in the White House.

During the 2007 and 2008 election campaigns, he made very influential speeches in support of Barack Obama, demonstrating his mastery of the principles of speech, which led to speeches at many Democrat National Conventions on human rights and the environment.
As the First Lady of the United States, Michelle has introduced a different pattern of life to women. Using her exemplary popularity, she has been able to greatly influence the self-esteem of teenage girls.
He is also mentioned as one of the most important supporters of the poor. Issues such as awareness, education, physical activity, healthy eating, teamwork and attention to children are some of the issues that he has mentioned many times in his book.

His philanthropic and supportive work made him more and more popular with the American people and even with people around the world, and this popularity also had a significant impact on the popularity and sales of his book.

Becoming a book has been one of the best-selling books of 2018. There are definitely reasons why so many singers from all over the world have been looking for Michelle Obama’s life ?!
The book “Becoming” can not be considered a political book just because it was written by the president’s wife, because it speaks of unity between human beings.

Despite the fact that Michelle Obama has spent a period of her life in the most political positions, this book contains narratives that have described other concepts.

Another factor influencing the success of the novel is Michel’s details, which in many respects give a new feel to the narrative and make his writing style resemble a literary novel.
Michelle’s double life has enabled her to look at life from different angles. His political position, along with his personal and humanitarian concerns, have all been active ingredients in shaping the book.

Michelle Obama has tried to show how people of black African-American descent are struggling with their lives. They talk about their dreams and mistakes;

But in the end, he likes to show that a difficult past or inherited problems can be gradually brought closer to perfection and made into a great personality.

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