Bad goods, good bads


Title: bad Goods, Good Bads 1

Author: Suman Chinani

Translator: Negar Shojaei

Publisher: Orange

Subject: Stories of children and adolescents

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 470 pages

Language Farsi



Bad good, good bad is the work of Suman Chinani.

If they were to make you a character for stories, would you think you would be a good person or a bad person ?! Sophie and Agatha are sent to schools where bad guys and good guys make up stories! They think they know which category they belong to! But is it really that easy to understand the good and the bad of people ?! Sometimes people are not what they seem. All people have good and bad faces, and in any situation, they may show one of them. For this reason, it may not be possible to divide them into two categories: “good” and “evil”.

Part of the good good, the bad bad
۲. The art of kidnapping
When the sun was completely gone, the children had been locked up in their homes for some time. From behind the bedroom curtain, they glanced at their torched fathers, mothers, and sisters, who were circling the forest, as if telling the principal to cross the ring of fire if he dared. Slow down!
But just as the children were scared and threw down their windows, Sophie opened it! He wanted his abduction to be as easy as possible!

He was trapped in the room because of his father’s protections; But he left his hairpins, tweezers and nail file and started working.
The first kidnapping took place two hundred years ago. Usually two boys or two girls and sometimes one of them were abducted. The age of the abducted children varied: sometimes one was sixteen years old and the other fourteen years old, or both were just twelve years old. Early in the election, it seemed random, but it was not long before the pattern became clear: one of the two was always beautiful and good; The child that every parent aspires to have; The other was ugly and weird, and he hadn’t had many friends since he was born. This contradictory pair was stolen in their early youth and never returned.

The villagers usually blamed the bears. Although no one had seen a bear in Gavaldan until that day, this possibility made them more determined to find the bear. Four years later, when the other two children disappeared, they decided that they needed to describe the culprit more precisely; That is why they declared that the perpetrators are black bears; So black that they mix with the darkness of the night and can not be recognized!
But the disappearance of the children continued once every four years, and the villagers’ attention was drawn to the underground bears, and then to the ghostly and bear-like bears; Until it finally turned out that it was not the bears’ job at all. In fact, as the troubled villagers debated theories such as the deep pit and the winged cannibal, the Gavaldan children noticed something suspicious; The faces of these missing girls and boys looked strangely familiar as they examined dozens of leaflets for missing children in the village square!

It was here that they opened their storybooks and found the stolen children!
Jack, who was kidnapped a hundred years ago, was not a bit old. Her painted photograph, with her thick hair and pink pits and crooked smile, was popular among the Gavaldan girls. The only difference was that he now had a bean stalk in his backyard and could not resist the magic beans. Anges, the long-eared, flea-eating stray who had disappeared with Jack that year, was now the same long-eared, flea-eating giant seen above Jack’s bean stalk. These two boys had made their way to the legends!
But when the children told their parents the theory of the storybook, they showed the same reaction that is expected of every parent: they shook hands and went back to the same idea of ​​the pit and the cannibals!
Later, the children showed more familiar faces to their parents. The beautiful mirror that was stolen fifty years ago was now painted as a fairy-tale mermaid on the stones illuminated by the moonlight.

The ruthless Estra was now the same evil witch. Philip, the priest’s perfect son, had become a clever little tailor, but the arrogant, sour gala was now a forest witch, and his picture in the books scared the children. A number of children who had been kidnapped in pairs had found new lives in the storybook world. One as good, one as evil.
The books came from Mr. Deauville’s bookstore; A moldy dungeon between Buttersby Bakery and Pickled Pig Restaurant. In fact, the problem was where the books came from. Once a year, on a morning he could never have foreseen, he would come to his shop and see a box of books waiting for him inside the shop. Inside the box were four new legends;

One copy of each. Mr. Deauville then wrote a note on the shop window, saying, “It is closed until further notice.” Then he would go to the back room of the shop and copy the books one by one by hand so that there would be enough books for all the children of Gavaldan, and he would leave the original books in the shop window one day; As a sign that his serious task is over!
After that, he would open the door of his shop and form a line three kilometers in front of it; The line that passed through the village square went down the hill and went around the lake. The line was full of children who were thirsty for new stories; And of course the parents who desperately wanted to see if their lost ones were found in this year’s stories or not!

The parents had many questions for Mr. Deauville; But when asked who sent the books, he claimed that he did not know anything about it; And when asked how long these books have been appearing, he said he does not remember the time when the books did not appear! When asked if the books appeared to be magical, he said, “Obviously they are magical, they appear at once.”
The elders later learned other things about Mr. Doyle’s storybook;
All the villages depicted in the books were exactly like the village of Gavaldan; The same huts by the lake, with their colorful edges and purple and green tulips along the narrow, dirt road, were also mentioned in the book; Even the red carriage, the grocery stores, the school with the yellow wall and the crooked clock tower! The only difference was that the village of books was in a distant land and only benefited from one thing: starting and ending a story; All the adventures between the beginning and the end of the stories took place in the dark and endless forest around the village.

It was only then that they realized that Gavaldan was also surrounded by a dark and endless forest!
The first time the children disappeared, people rushed to the forest to find them; But storms, thunderstorms, floods, and broken trees on the ground blocked them. When they finally managed to move forward, they found a city hidden behind a forest.
They besieged the city, but later found out that it was their own city! In fact, the point was that the villagers would eventually reach the same point again wherever they entered the forest.
The forest was not built to bring the children back, and one day they finally understood why.
As Mr. Doville was taking the books of that year out of the box, he noticed a large black ink stain on the top of the box; The ink had not yet dried. Upon closer inspection, he found a prominent seal in the shape of a strong black and a strong white; On the embossed seal was written:

م. خ. ش
Of course, he did not need to guess the meaning of these letters; These three letters were the first letters of the words written below the prominence, telling the villagers where their children were:

– School of the good and the bad –

The children of the village had been missing for a long time, but now, with the arrival of the new box, the thief had been identified; The villagers named him “school principal”!
A few minutes after ten o’clock, Sophie barely unlocked the last window lock and lifted the curtain. His father saw Stephen standing near the forest with the other guards; Of course, instead of worrying like everyone else, he had a smile on his face and was standing next to Hannah; Seeing this scene, Sophie’s face was confused! He did not understand at all what his father saw in this woman that he was so fascinated with! One day her mother was as perfect as the queens of fairy tales, but Hannora had a small head and a round body, and Sophie looked like a turkey.

Father said something to Hannah and laughed. Sophie’s cheeks burned with rage; He thought to himself, “Now, if Hanura’s two sons were to be kidnapped, Baba would be so serious that he would die!” »
It is true that Stephen kissed her at dusk, like a conscientious father, and locked the door on her, but Sophie knew the truth and saw it in her father’s face every day: His father did not love him, because Was not a boy; Because it did not remind him of his own childhood!
Now that he wanted to marry that monster; His mother had been dead for five years, and unfortunately, his father’s work was no longer considered wrong and careless! It was enough to say yes after reading the wedding sermon to have two sons and a new family and a fresh start!
Of course, he needed his daughter’s consent to get permission from the white beards; But every time he tried to talk about it, Sophie either changed the subject, or chewed cucumber aloud so she would not hear her father! Sometimes he would give his father the same smile he always gave to Radley.

It turned out that her father had not spoken to Hannor for a long time.
Behind the scenes, he glared at his father and thought to himself, “What does it matter?” When I go, he can marry her! He thought that when he left, his father would appreciate him and realize that no one could take his place; He realizes that Sophie has benefited him more than a boy. She had endured a princess in her life.
For the first time in his life, he baked a few heart-shaped gingerbreads. Arrange them neatly and tastefully on the edge of the window, to show the school principal that he will go with them! Then he went and lay down on his bed, closed his eyes to the fathers, widows, and herdsmen, and counted the seconds until midnight.
As soon as Sophie disappeared from behind the window, Agatha slipped the gingerbread into her mouth, and as the crumbs fell on her black shoes, she thought to herself that the only benefit of these breads was that the mouse. They gather here! Then he yawned and made his way to the clock tower; The clock tower showed fifteen minutes to midnight.

At the end of the walk and after saying goodbye to Sophie, Agatha walked home and imagined Sophie running to the forest to find the school of idiots and idiots, and finally the prey. Be the boars!
So he went back to the garden of Sophie’s house, waited behind the tree and heard Sophie’s voice singing a silly song about a prince! He opened his window and closed his suitcase. Now she was singing about wedding bells. She tidied herself up, dressed in her best dress while singing “Pink Princesses,” and finally threw herself on the bed.

Agatha crushed the last pieces of bread and went to the cemetery. To him, Sophie was safe and would wake up the next morning like a fool; And Agatha did not want to bring this stupidity to her. Sophie needed him much more now, so she had to understand him and comfort him.
They had to build their own paradise here, in this safe and orderly world.
As he was climbing the hill with difficulty, he saw a crescent of darkness at the edge of the forest lit by a torch. The cemetery guards apparently concluded that the cemetery residents did not need protection. As far as Agatha remembers, she always had the talent to make people run away. The children ran away from him as if they had seen a vampire bat; When the white beards saw him, they clung to the wall so that he would not charm them for a while. Even the guards of the cemetery were startled to see him; And every year the whispers of the people of the city grew louder: “Witch … evil … school of evil …”

This prompted Agatha to look for an excuse to leave the house.
It used to take a few days to get out of the house, then it turned into a few weeks and now, Agatha was like a ghost who had taken over the house inside the cemetery. He used to have many ways to entertain himself: he wrote poetry (“Tragic Life” and “Cemetery means Paradise” were his best poems), he painted portraits of the king of Alamut that scared the mice more than the real cat. ; He even tried to write a legend called “Gloom, Forever.” The story was about beautiful children who died in the worst possible way.
But Agatha had no one to show him her work; Until one day Sophie knocked on her door.
When Agatha stepped on the porch, the king of Alamut licked his ankle. A voice could be heard from inside the house: “On the other side of the forests
The school of the good and the bad … “

Agatha rolled her eyes and opened the door.
His mother was back, singing happily as she filled a suitcase with black capes, a few brooms, and a witch’s sharp black hat:

“Two tall towers that
Head to the top
One for the good
One for the bad
If you want to escape, you play
The only way out
It is a myth, not a game … ”
“I see you’re getting ready for a weird adventure,” Agatha said. The last time I checked, there was no way to escape from Gavaldan, unless you had wings! »
Callis came out with black eyes and greasy black hair and asked, “Do you think three capes are enough?” »
Agatha trembled at how much she resembled her mother. “Three of them are the same … Why do you want three?” He said under his breath. »

“Well, darling, maybe one day you will want to lend one to your friend.”
“These are for me ?! »
“I put on two hats so that if one of them breaks, you will have another. I also put a bunch of brooms, because maybe they smell bad. There are also some cat tongue tongs, lizard feet and frog fingers. It is not clear whether theirs is new or old! »
Agatha knew the answer to the question, yet asked, “Mom, why do I need a hat and a frog’s leg and a cape?” »
“Of course! Welcome to the new witch! You who do not want to look like a novice when you enter the school of villains? »

Agatha kicked and threw the pile of equipment. “Now that the doctor
The city believes in such things, why is it so hard for you to accept that I am happy here? I have everything I want! Bed, my cat and my friend! »
“Well, you have to learn from your friend, darling,” said Callis as he unlocked the box. At least he wants something in his life. Seriously, Agatha, what could be better than being a witch in a story? I dreamed of going to the school of the bad guys, but the stupid principal of the school, instead of me, stole that stupid swan, which finally, in the legend of the “useless giant”, deceived the prince and set him on fire. No wonder. The boy could not even tie his shoes! I’m sure if the school principal could choose again, he would come to me this time! »

Agatha slipped under her blanket and said, “In this city, everyone still thinks you are a witch, so you have achieved your dream!” »
Callis turned and said, “My wish is for you to leave here.” Like a snake, he hissed! His eyes were like charcoal! “This village has made you a lazy, weak and cowardly creature. At least I’ve become someone for myself. You’re wasting so much time here to rot; Then Sophie comes and kills you and takes you for a walk. »
Agatha looked at him in surprise.
Callis laughed and continued his work. “But watch out for your friend. Good school may look like a rose ring, but Sophie will surely be surprised to see it … Now go to sleep. “The manager will arrive soon, and if you are asleep, his job will be easier.”
Agatha pulled the sheets over her head.
Sophie does not sleep. It was five minutes to midnight, but there was still no sign of the thief. Dozano sat on his bed and peeked out from behind the curtain. Around Gavaldan thousands of people waved their torches to light the forest. He was taken aback. How could he pass through them?

It was only then that he realized that the bread on the edge of the window was out of place.
” it’s here! »
Three pink bags were thrown out of the window, and behind them a pair of feet with glass shoes landed on the floor.

Agatha, who was having a nightmare, suddenly woke up and sat down on her bed. Calis was snoring loudly across the room, and the king of Alamut was sleeping next to him. Next to his bed was a large locked suitcase on the floor, inscribed with a frog crab line:

“Agata, Gavaldan, Grave Road, No. 1”
Agatha stared out the cracked window as she ate the cake. At the bottom of the hill, the torches formed a ring of light, but here on the mound of graves stood a guard whose arms were the size of Agatha’s entire body and whose legs were as narrow as a chicken leg. He held a broken tombstone like a dumbbell so he would not fall asleep.
Agatha chewed on the last piece of her honey cake and looked out over the dark forest.
Suddenly, he saw two shining blue eyes staring at him!
He was so scared that the cake jumped in his throat and he ran to his bed. A little later, he slowly raised his head; Nothing was there, not even the guard!

But once he saw the guard lying unconscious next to the broken tombstone and his torch extinguished.
On the other side, a shadow of a slender, bony hump was seen, but no body was attached to it!
The shadow was floating on the sea of ​​graves, and he was doing his work slowly and patiently: he slid down the graveyard door and walked up the hill to the center of Gavaldan, which was lit by the light of fire.
Fear had taken over Agatha’s whole being; That shadow, belonging to whoever it was, was real!
“She was not looking for me. »
He was relieved, but frightened again.
“Sophie!” »
He had to wake his mother and ask her for help; But he did not have time.
Callis fell asleep, but heard Agatha’s footsteps and hugged the king of Alamut to make sure he did not wake up.

Sophie stood behind the tree and waited for the school principal to catch her; But suddenly he noticed something on the ground: crumbs of gingerbread with a footprint on them; Rejection of a disgusting shoe that could only belong to one person. Sophie clenched her fist and her blood boiled.

His hand grabbed her mouth and kicked her foot into the window of her room. Sophie dived into her bed and turned to see Agatha. »
But suddenly he saw fear in his friend’s face; He held his breath in his chest: “You saw it! »
Agatha grabbed Sophie’s mouth with one hand and pushed her firmly against the bed with the other. As Sophie twisted in protest, Agatha peeked out the window. The crooked shadow slid toward the square, passed the guards, and headed straight for Sophie’s house. Agatha swallowed; Sophie forcibly freed herself, grabbed Agatha’s shoulders and said, “Like princes?” Or like a manager with glasses and a vest and …? »

Agatha and Sophie slowly turned to the door.

Boom! Boom!

Sophie folded her nose and said, “She could have knocked quietly, right? »
The lock broke and the door hinged.
Agatha leaned against the wall, but Sophie put her hand on her chest and straightened her dress; As if he has a royal meeting!

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