Title: Deciduous: The true story of a Chinese girl who was born unintentionally

Author: Adline Yen Ma

Translator: Elahe Marashi

Publisher: Morvarid

Subject: Yen, Joseph Tsei – Rong / Chinese Americans – Biography / Gynecologist – United States – Biography

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 445

Language: Farsi



Deciduous, the true story of a Chinese girl who was born unintentionally. This book is written by our Adline Yen. The Persian translation of this novel has been undertaken by Elahe Marazi and Morvarid Publishing has published this book.

About the deciduous book
The present book is the true story of a girl who was born unintentionally and, despite the cruelty of her stepmother, has a successful journey from childhood to adulthood. In fact, in this book, the author tells the story of his own hard and miserable life.

At the beginning of this book, the author finds it very difficult to write the facts of his life, describing the reason as follows: “But I feel obligated to pass on my painful experiences to others for inner purification, peace of mind, anxiety, and patience in the face of adversity.”

Who do we recommend this book to?
If you are looking for a book that plays with your emotions and a novel that you can easily put yourself in the place of its characters and decide in their place and identify as twins, do not miss reading this book.

Adline Yen Ma is a Chinese-American writer and physician. He grew up in Tianjin, Shanghai and Hong Kong and is known for his “deciduous” biography. He met with Professor Robert A. Moon is married. He was born on November 30, 1937.

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