A Thousand splendid Suns


Title: A Thousand splendid Suns

Author: Khalid Hosseini

Translator: Farzaneh Zamani

Publisher: Azarmidakht

Subject: American stories

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 464

Language: Farsi

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Hezar Khorshid Taban is a book by Khalid Hosseini (1965), an Afghan-American author.

Hosseini’s main fame is for the two novels “Kite Runner” and “A Thousand Bright Sun”.

“Thousand shining suns” is formed on the axis of mother and father.

The novel is closely related to cinema. In the first season, Maryam’s father, Jalil, is introduced as the owner of a cinema, and in the third season, Maryam’s departure point from childhood and leaving the world that was built for her and her mother on a farm next to a village is filmed.

“Thousand Shining Suns” moves on the axis of Iranian cinema, Indian cinema and Western cinema.
In the defined spaces of “Hazar Khorshid Taban”, there is no news of a cinema full of dancing, singing and love, but the films that are shown in the cinema of “Maryam”‘s father and the women and girls in Herat burqas go to see it, express a biting contradiction.

The sting that manifests itself from the beginning to the end of the story in the lives of Mary, her mother, her father’s wives, and later Lily and her daughter.

“Maryam” is the result of a lust that suddenly flares up in her father, and despite having three religious wives, she reaches out to the skirt of “Neneh”, who was growing up in her house, and “Neneh” becomes pregnant with Maryam. And this is where his day turns black and ….

In the middle chapters of the novel, the fate of “Lily” is shown, who has a bastard child from “Tariq”, her disabled boyfriend.

“Hazar Khorshid Taban” is accurate in introducing the dark and miserable atmosphere of Afghanistan in the last 50 years (2 to 4).
Humor is also the spice of the novel’s beautiful prose: “The finger of blame of all men, like the compass needle, which is constantly pointing north, is always pointing at a woman, always.”

Khalid Hosseini in the book Hezar Khorshid Taban speaks the language of the oppressed people of Afghanistan and tells the life story of two women named Maryam and Leila.

Poverty, door-to-door, violence, incessant and destructive wars, and most importantly, the suffering of women in such circumstances are beautifully portrayed in this novel. Despite their bitter and painful experiences, Leila and Maryam still do not give up to achieve a better life and keep the oven of love warm.

A thousand splendid suns is Khaled Hosseini’s second novel after The Kite. The book is written in English and translated into dozens of living languages.

The novel became the best-selling novel in North America in June 2007 for at least three weeks.
Hazar Khorshid Taban is a mostly linear and straightforward storytelling, a style of writing that, while simple due to Khalid Hosseini’s skill, does not detract from the beauty of the text.

One can hardly write anything about the book A Thousand Bright Suns; A book that chronicles the history and destiny of women and speaks about the endless and deep sufferings of homeless Afghan women in a way that the reader should read in order to taste the bitter taste of this suffering and bad times.

It is not possible to say how much Khalid Hosseini was able to show the bitterness of the times, we can not ask ourselves why these women suffer so much and do not breathe?

In this novel, Khaled Hosseini portrays women who are very marginalized;

Are not seen; They do not matter and at the same time bear the main burden of war and violence and deprivation. Violence against them is greater;

They are the victims of war and missiles, they are the ones who bear the heavy burden of giving birth to and caring for children in wartime, and they are the victims of the blind and irrational prejudices of seemingly Muslim groups like the Taliban.

Khalid Hosseini himself says about the book Hezar Khorshid Taban:
I saw women in my country hurrying along the walls with their children.

Women in burqas left behind in the clouds just like the sun; I would like to know what has happened to them in the thirty years of the hurricane, the fate of Afghanistan.

It was there that I decided to write a story about the women of my country; Shining suns hidden behind burqas. I wrote the story of the fathers and sons of Afghanistan in the kite and a thousand suns is a religious tribute to the women of my country.

In performing this brilliant work of Khaled Hosseini, an attempt has been made to use less space and sound color so that the audience can use their imagination in conjunction with the work and create characters and events in the mind.

Khalid Hosseini is one of the famous writers of recent years among the people of the world, especially Persian speakers.
Hosseini was born in Afghanistan but spent his childhood in France and his adolescence in the United States because his father was a diplomat. The author and his family are political refugees in the United States.

Although Khalid Hosseini is fluent in Persian and French and has written stories in these languages ​​at an early age, English is the language he prefers to write in and he feels more comfortable with it.

This issue has caused a great deal of criticism from Afghan writers.

Khalid Hosseini has three very successful books in his repertoire so far.

The two books on the New York Times list, “The Kite Runner” and “A Thousand Bright Suns,” and his new book, “The Mountain Resonated,” have been as well-received by readers as the previous two books.

Hosseini lives in the United States and writes in English.
A Thousand Bright Suns is the story of a generation that opens its eyes to the world with a different perspective on family and love.

The life story of Maryam and Leila, women whose destinies are accidentally intertwined by war and the killing of their loved ones.

Maryam is the result of the love of a lustful man who, despite having three religious wives, touches the lap of the house (grandmother). And Leila, a girl who has a young illegitimate child with a disability in her womb.

Khalid Hosseini shows with a very strong prejudice and pen that a woman’s love for her family can make her take shocking and heroic actions until the end of her life. And finally, it is love itself or even the memory of love that can be the key to survival.

About the author of the book A Thousand Bright Suns
Who was Khalid Hosseini?
Khaled Hosseini Khaled Hosseini was born on March 4, 1965 in Kabul, Afghanistan. He is one of the most popular authors in the world, whose works have been sold more than fifty-five million times in 70 countries. He publishes his stories in English.

“The Kite Runner” is one of his most prominent works.

Family and education
Khalid Hosseini grew up in his native Afghanistan in Kabul. His father was a diplomat and his mother a high school teacher. In 1976, he moved to Paris with his parents to work for his father at the Afghan embassy.

The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979 made it impossible for the Husseini family to return to Afghanistan, and they settled in California after seeking asylum in the United States.

He entered the University of Santa Clara to study biology, and in 1989 began his medical studies at the University of California, San Diego. After 3 years, he started working as a medical intern.

Thousands of shining suns
Hezar Khorshid Taban is the second Hosseini novel to be published in 2007. He began writing the book inspired by an Afghan woman who wore a veil.

In this book, Hosseini describes the political and social developments in Afghanistan around the relationship between two women named Maryam and Leila, who are both women of the same man.

The book has been published in 60 countries and is set to be made into a film by Scott Rodin.

The book “A Thousand Bright Suns” has a completely feminine story. The story of this book is about two women named “Leila” and “Maryam”.

What is happening in Afghanistan’s political system is forcing them to become home for a while. But it is not uncommon for them to be housemates.

They are condemned to the same life from two different stories and two separate cultural backgrounds: living with a common spouse and being exposed to domestic violence.

Nevertheless, Maryam and Leila, despite all the stereotypes, experience a deep relationship together. Leila tries her best to save Maryam from this catastrophe.
“A Thousand Bright Suns” clearly shows Khalid Hosseini’s progress in writing.

By writing this novel, he showed that his most famous novel is not the best work of his writing career.

The novel “A Thousand Bright Suns”, unlike the kite, deals with another dimension of human emotions and relationships, which, despite its special femininity, has attracted everyone’s attention.

This book has also been translated into most of the living languages ​​of the world; It also topped the New York Times bestseller list for at least three weeks.

Khalid Hosseini and love for the homeland
Hosseini’s devotion to his homeland goes beyond the writings of these books. His work to help Afghanistan shows his heartfelt love and belief in his country.

Since 2006, Hosseini has been recognized by the United Nations as a Goodwill Ambassador to Afghanistan.

After his visit to Afghanistan in 2007, he also established an organization called the Khalid Hosseini Foundation, which aims to provide humanitarian assistance to the country.

According to his interviewers, Khalid Hosseini is an intelligent and handsome man. He is also recognized by the New York Times as the most famous Afghan in the world. Hosseini currently lives in California with his wife Roya and their two children Harith and Farah.

The reason for the popularity of Khalid Hosseini’s novels
Khalid Hosseini uses a simple formula to write his novels: he uses a combination of good and evil in a turbulent atmosphere to portray the stories of the characters in his story.

His stories are not complicated, and the suffering of the characters portrayed in them is palpable. Khalid deals with the deep feelings of human beings.

It is the expression of these feelings that connects the readers’ hearts to his books.

Nevertheless, Afghan readers differ on Khalid Hosseini’s books. They believe that despite living in Afghanistan, he is not deeply acquainted with the issues of this country.

The conflict between the ethnic groups of Afghanistan is described in an exaggerated way in this book. They believe that what Khalid Hosseini presents to the reader of Hazara ethnicity is very different from reality;

Their poverty and living conditions in Afghanistan are not what Khalid Hosseini is talking about. This issue has offended some people in this country from Khalid Hosseini.

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