A man called Ove


Title: A man named Oh

Author: Frederick Beckman

Translator: Jahanpour Maleki Alamouti

Publisher: Sepehr Adab

Subject: Swedish stories – 20th century

Age category: All ages

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 352

Language: Farsi

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Introducing the book of A man called Ove : a novel

A man named Oh is the name of a novel by Swedish author Frederick Beckman, translated into English by Simon Schuster Publishing.

The story of a man named Oh depicts the life of a 59-year-old man who was fired from his job due to old age and has been supervising all neighborhood activities for several years as a neighborhood manager to make sure everything goes well.

Neighbors know the old man as a violent and grumpy man because he always argues with the neighbors for not following the order or bringing an extra car into the place.

But no one knows the fate and life of this tired and gloomy old man.
Who knows what he has suffered after the death of his wife, with whom he had a special love life, and why he can no longer live without his wife?

Oh, after the death of his wife Sonia, he becomes a violent and gloomy person and distances his relationship from all those around him and even his neighbors.

Oh, he has attempted suicide many times, and each time he has called himself Kami for unbelievable reasons, but the thought of death never leaves his mind.

But that’s not the whole story, because with the arrival of a new immigrant neighbor and his stubbornness, the story changes a little.
The story goes that an Iranian woman named Parvaneh tries to communicate with her neighbor Oh, and at first encounters the old man’s immorality.

But the interesting stories that occur throughout the story make Oh, the desperate old man, come back to life a little and enjoy the happy last days of his life.

At the beginning of the book, Frederick Beckmann invites the audience to confront the continuation of the story with a fascinating narrative of the character of Oh, an old man who at first glance seems unpretentious and violent.

One of the features of this book is that by writing a character-oriented novel and making exaggerations about a man who does not want to change his life in any way according to his habit, the author makes the audience curious to continue reading the story.

One of the most important positive traits of a man named Oh is the end of the story.
Because the correct and unpredictable ending of a story is one of the most important reasons for the success of a book.

At the end of the story, Oh learns from the butterfly’s children how to work with the computer, which shows the positive change in Oh’s surrender to her daily habits.

Oh, with the help of a butterfly, also finally decides to collect Sonia’s belongings, a move that shows Oh’s acceptance of death as part of life.

Oh, after collecting his wife’s belongings from home, he looks at death as a part of life and no longer seeks suicide, but lives to die.

The butterfly played a significant role in this change in Oh’s behavior and habits, and like no other girl, Oh was with her in the last days of this old man’s life.

Excerpts from a book by a man named Oh
Loving and losing someone is like moving into a new house!

At first one falls in love with all new things, every morning he is surprised by the new things he has that have suddenly become his own, but he is constantly afraid that someone will come to the house and tell him that he has made a big mistake and could not predict that one day Have a nice house,

But after a few years, the facade of the house deteriorates, its wood cracks in every corner and one gradually falls in love with the ruins of the house.

One knows all the holes of the mandrels and the curves.
One knows what to do when the weather cools down, so that the key does not get stuck in the lock, which pieces of flooring sway when one steps on them, and how to open the cupboards so that they do not make noise, and these are all little secrets that are exactly It makes you feel like you are in your own home and you belong there.

Lost love is still called love, it just changes shape a bit and does not have the same color as before.

You can not see his smile or bring him food or caress his hair, you can not make him dance around the ground.

But when those senses weaken, another sense becomes stronger.
A sensation called memory! Memory becomes your partner. You cultivate it. You take it and dance with it. Life must end, but not love!

These days, people only have computers and espresso machines! Where is the society going that no one can logically write by hand and brew coffee?

Where? Where would we go if everyone parked their car wherever they fell in love? And where do we go if people do not go to work another day just because they killed themselves?

Oh, he sat there for a few hours and held his wife’s hand until the hospital staff came and told him in a calm tone and cautious gestures that they should take Sonia’s body.

He got up, nodded, and went to the funeral home to do the work. The funeral was on Sunday. Oh he went to work on Monday;

But if someone asked him how his life was, he would answer that he did not live at all before his wife started living, and he has not lived since he left her alone.

Oh, he understood everything he could see and hold in his hand.
Things like concrete and cement, glass and steel, tools, things you can count on, ninety degree angles and clear instructions, house plans, things you can put on paper. He was a black man and he had to touch everything closely.

Right after the funeral, the priest’s father wanted to talk to him about the orphanage’s help, but he acted in such a way that the priest immediately realized that the boy would not accept the charity.

At that moment, Oh told the priest that he would no longer have a vacancy in the church.

He explained to the priest that it was true that he believed in God, but he came to the conclusion that God was not kind to him!

The book of a man named Oh has another special attraction for us Iranians: the second character of the book is an Iranian woman named Parvaneh!

For me, since Parvaneh entered the story of the book, the appeal of the book doubled, because I wanted to see what Frederick Beckman portrays of Iranians.

And I must say that the character of the butterfly is a kind-hearted and loving woman who changes the course of her life.

About the movie A man called Ove : a novel

A man named Oh was made in 2016 and was introduced as one of the best-selling and most attractive films of the year by the audience.

It is interesting to know that this film is one of the Oscar nominees and has been introduced as a competitor of Asghar Farhadi’s best-selling film.

Many people who do not want to see a book after reading a book change their view by watching this film, because Hans Holm, the successful writer and director of this film, has portrayed the book with the utmost vigilance in such a way that No audience should regret seeing it.

The fact that a work of Scandinavian literature that deals with a subject other than the usual genre of the region – crime and policing – has received worldwide attention in a short period of time is a matter of consideration and study from different angles.

The subject of this book is the loneliness of contemporary man.
Undoubtedly, every good book is a medium that conveys the best messages of life to the audience.

“A man by the name of Uh” gives the audience the message of pure love and a life of satisfaction.

Thus, the decision to commit suicide by a man due to the death of a loyal and calm Swedish wife, by a passionate Iranian woman and, of course, loyal, turns into another type of satisfactory life.

The book was published in Sweden in 2012 and sold more than 600,000 copies that year.

The book, which has been translated into more than 30 languages, is currently the number one bestseller in Sweden and the New York Times, and the number one best-selling Amazon novel in 2016. The Persian translation of the novel has also been published in Iran.

The film based on the book of the same name was released in world cinemas in 2016, which was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Non-English Language Film, which awarded the prize to the seller Asghar Farhadi.

Reading this novel is highly recommended for all elderly people or people who have lost a loved one. A novel that shows the value of life.

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