A guide to making a change using ecstasy


Title: Guide to Making Change Using Ecstasy

Author: Richard Bandler

Translator: Elham Qudusi Jafari

Publisher: Nik Farjam

Subject: Artificial sleep – trance / psychological and linguistic planning

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 320

Language: Farsi



The Guide to Making Change Using Ecstasy is by Richard Bandler, translated by Saturn Spanloo and Payam Adib.

About Richard Bandler
Richard Bandler was born on February 24, 1950 in New Jersey.
He spent his high school years in Safiville, California. He was a regular student and dreamed of playing the drums.
After graduating from high school, Richard enrolled in a small high school, he was a student of mathematics.
In 1970, he met John Grind, a professor of linguistics and politics, and co-founded the NLP (Neuro-Verbal Programming) science with him.
He is known for his wit and ability of complex patterns and dynamic teaching methods.

About the book Ecstasy by Richard Bandler
The book’s introduction states: We are not able to change what is happening around us, but using these techniques allows us to control our emotions about life events and the decisions we make as a result.

I hope you can use this book to release your power and rebuild your destination. Continue reading… Your life is on the verge of a big change.
In this book, not only can you get an introduction to classical NLP and Erickson hypnosis, but you will also have the latest innovations and advancements from one of the most creative scientists of the present age.

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